Saturday, 5 March 2011

Weekend Progress

Evenin' all.

Had a quiet day painting and watching football today, the latter being a bit of a distraction to the former, but was relaxing all the same.

Progress was made on both the Dire Avenger and the Wood Elf Lord (the picture of the Wood Elf hasn't come out at all well):

I went for red on the spear blade in the end (sorry Big Al!), it just seemed to fit better with the rest of the miniature and matched the soulstones.  The Wood Elf just needs his eye painted in, and the tree and forest spirit need to be done, and he should be pretty much finished.  I'll take some pictures of him with a proper camera, rather than the one on the phone to show him in all his glory, as I'm really chuffed with the way he's come out and the picture doesn't do him justice at all.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Ah well. Your a hundred and thirty seven times better at painting than I am (I did the math). If you think red will work better, it will be so. Great work, BTW.

  2. Bah, who believes in math anyway? I've seen a Jain Zar of yours that rocks!