Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Something Putrid this way comes...

A little work in progress shot of my next little project:

Sorry it's only the one image, it's the only good one I managed to take this evening.  The miniature itself is a beauty and befitting a limited edition Games Day miniature.  Nicely posed and well detailed, there's plenty to keep the painter interested, while everything is well defined and clear  It's easy to work out what bits are, and they're easy to get to.  The only tricky bit being the area behind the lower of the two axes, but that's just about accessible, and there's not too much detail to get to.  There were a few mold lines, and only a little "hedgehogification".  The axes are the only parts that come separate from the body, and they are a little tricky to get to stick, but nothing that patience can't solve.  It might have been worth pinning both parts, but I didn't as the small hole and spigot arrangement seemed to do the job OK.

As you can see the green is nearly finished, just some blending that needs neatening up and some extra highlights on the top edges that need to be added.  Once the "clean" green is completed, I'll then use various browns to get some dirt in, particularly where there is chainmail and gaps in the armour.  I'm thinking about making the damaged eye slit weep with something unpleasant.

After that I'll be moving on to the metallics, again base coated with non-metallic colours - time for plenty of corrosion and dirt to be added, and I doubt I'll go any brighter than GW's chainmail, and even then that will only be used on the top edges.

So far so good!

I doubt I'll get this chap finished by the end of the week, but I do hope to get the first Warjack built and undercoated.  The Dire Avenger is going to sit to the side for a bit as I don't have the enthusiasm for Eldar at the moment.

On a side note "What's new today" on the GW website has a fantastic Slaanesh Chaos Marine army - well worth a look!

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