Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lucius the Eternal

I've mentioned this chap before and now he's finished and photographed.  Lucius is an absolute blast to paint, lots of detail and loads of different elements to keep you interested.  I've noticed on a few forums that he's not a popular model, which I've always found a bit strange.  He's always felt like an "old school" chaotic model to me - cloven hooves, faces coming out of his armour, a whip and a creepy face - what's not to like?

I haven't gone for a strict Emperors Children colour scheme, as I'm not a big fan of the black and pink, but I think he looks Slaanesh-y enough.  The green isn't really a Slaanesh colour but I think it works well with the purple and gold.  I'm really pleased with the faces in the armour, which used Dheneb Stone as a base colour and then washes of Ogryn Flesh all over and Devlan Mud in the more shadowed parts, then highlighted back up with Dheneb Stone. 

I spent a lot of time on this model, particularly:
  • Blending of the purple and of the green
  • The gold - starting with a Scorched Brown base coat
  • Trying to paint as if there's a light source directly above the model
  • A more "targeted" use of the GW washes

All the extra effort has been worth it, and I'm really pleased with the way he came out.

The pictures were taken in using my new photo box, built to Tentakel-Spec.  I've not had to do any processing of the images on the PC except for cropping, which is a big plus for me - I really wish I'd built one sooner.

Of course a big thank you to Big Al at Hogs of War for a superb Christmas present!

As always, comments and criticism more than welcome!


  1. That is *very* nice Andy. First time I've liked that model!

  2. Truly amazing. I didn't know there was that much detail on that model until now. From the back, you could almost mistake him for a space marine with the purple armor. Regal and valiant, all most. As you come around to the front though...whoa momma! That is not someone you want to be faced with. I think you would lose your #$@&. Very Slaanesh-y. I especially like how you have his combat drug tubes in various stages of use and color. Nothing spells fun like a psychotic/hallucinogenic drug cocktail before going off to ruin some people's day.

  3. Cheers guys - the combat drug tubes were fun to paint - usually the back pack is the afterthought bit that you just need to get done to complete the model. On Lucius the backpack is just as fun to paint as the main model, another reason he rocks. :)

    A little part of me wishes I'd repositioned the whip arm like here:, but that might have been a bit much...

  4. I'll confess that I'm in the camp that doesn't like Lucius. Something about his hanging tongue ...

    However, seeing him in 360 degrees like this warms me a bit. I especially like the way the skin of the faces fade into the purple of the armour.

    Well done!