Saturday, 21 November 2009

An update, and yes I know it's about damn time...

Finally got some pictures to share, been fairly productive the last couple of weeks, but not really got much finished.  Haldir and the Empire Swordsman are done, pictures of those boys to follow some time soon.  The Eldar Warlock has gone back on the shelf, I just can't get the enthusiasm to carry on with his colour scheme, he may be stripped and started again with...

So pictures of stuff I have finished!

Blood Angels Sergeant
Finally got this chap finished, I'm much happier with the red now, having applied some orange highlights which finally brought the red to life.  I was loathe to go that bright with the highlights, but it certainly has helped - I've only applied the orange to the top edges of the miniature and that seems to have worked.  I didn't think red was that hard to paint, I must just be getting pickier now...

Imperial Guard - Corinium 5th Regiment "The Greenjackets"
This is the model I'm most pleased with, he'll be part of the command squad I bought recently, for an Imperial Guard force I'm working on the background for - an expeditionary force made up of squads from different regiments.  I'm not sure how far this will go, but I'm going to be trying my hand at a little short story writing to go with the army.  I wasn't a big fan of the Vostroyan models initially, but they've really grown on me.

The green came out really well, the yellow contrasts nicely with it and the metalwork looks great.  I wanted this guy to look like he'd come from an "old elite" regiment (as he'll be a veteran), something like the Grenadier Guards.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Well, crap...

No updates this weekend unfortunately, lack of central heating and hot water has put paid to that...

Good news is that we now have a new camera to take some decent pictures with - Nikon D60 arrived on Friday, marvellous!

Hopefully some new pictures tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nothing new, but new pictures of one of my favourites

My dear wife took a couple of miniatures into her workplace (a local college) today, so the photography teacher could look at the best way to take pictures of my miniatures.  Here are the results:

I have to say, I'm somewhat blown away by the pictures.  They're taken using a Nikon D60 (apparently) - guess what I want for Christmas?

Monday, 2 November 2009


2 updates in 2 days?  What is the world coming to?

The last week, alongside the Blood Angel Sergeant in the last post, I finally got around to finishing the Razorback I've had for nearly 2 years...

I'm really chuffed with the result, particularly the battle damage and "dirtification".

The Crimson Fist chapter symbols came out well too, plus the lettering on the scroll, if a little off centre, looks reasonable.

Most of the highlighting was done with drybrushing - not something I use much these days, but seemed the best method with a tank (without much freehand on it). 

Colours used (DB = Drybrush)

  • Blue: Regal Blue, Ultramarine Blue (DB), Ice Blue (DB), Skull White (DB)
  • Red: Scab Red, Blood Red, Solar Macharius Orange
  • Metal (apart from weapons): Tin Bitz, Badab Black wash, Boltgun Metal (DB), Chainmail (DB)
  • Battle Damage: Chaos Black, Chainmail, stippled Tin Bitz
  • Grey: Adeptus Battle Grey, Badab Black wash, Codex Grey (DB), Skull White (DB)
  • Dirt: Scorched Brown (thinned), Calthan Brown (thinned), Dheneb Stone (DB), Skull White (DB)

This week I've set myself at least 2 miniatures to finish - one is Haldir from LotR (Elf Archer Captain, friend of Aragorns, gets killed in The Two Towers at Helm's Deep - Movie version), and the other is an old Empire swordsman.  If those two get finished, I have an Eldar Warlock to get on with.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


OK, I'm getting pretty bad at this update malarkey - it's been over a week since the last one, so it's time to work on getting myself a bit more...well...regular.

So here goes.

The High Elf champion has been mothballed for a week or two - I'm struggling to work up the enthusiasm to finish him at the moment, so he's going to sit on the side while I work on a couple of other projects.

The Blood Angels Sergeant is done bar the basing:

Not overly happy with the red in the end, I'm going to have to think of a different way of doing it. The current recipe is:

  • Scorched Brown
  • Scab Red
  • Blood Red
  • Macharius Solar Orange
  • Wash of very thinned Leviathan Purple

It's about the right shade, but the transitions aren't as smooth as I'd like them to be, particularly getting close to the top highlight.  I want a "rustier" red - i.e. more the colour of blood, than GW do their Blood Angels.

Red's a bugger I've decided.