Saturday, 17 April 2010

Flash! Aaaa-aaaahhh, it annoys everyone of us!

Huge apologies to Queen and their fans for that dreadful pun...

So I got this chap yesterday (pre-ordered a while back).

(Picture courtesy of Games Workshop website)

The thing I've noticed on a lot of the recent metal models is the sheer amount of flash, particularly the threads of metal (which I assume is left over from the injection process), left on the model.  I know flash has always been there, but has there ever been so much as there is now?

Just looking at the parts, I'm dreading trying to get rid of it all, and I  know I'm going to miss a couple and have to remove them post-undercoat.

Also, I really don't like the way they've attached the wings to the metal "sprue" - that's a big chunk of (waste) metal that will have to be removed - I'm not a big fan.  That's also something I've noticed recently - lots of waste metal, and chunky "attachment points".

On a positive note, the miniature looks very nice, plenty of detail and looks like it's going to be fun to paint - he's my favourite of the Blood Angels miniatures, plenty of character and a dynamic pose.  I'm also a big fan of the fact that he's off the ground, it will put him "higher up" than any marines he's with, and help him stand out.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Blue burn out...


3 terminators down, 2 to go, but lordy I'm getting a little sick of painting blue.

No pictures of them yet, but I realised I hadn't posted a blog entry for a week, so here's a picture of a Vet Sergeant I did a year or two back (the picture is about that old too).  Not much else to show for my efforts, hopefully some pictures of the finished terminator squad towards the end of the week.

Looking at this I  feel like my blending has improved a lot, and that where I highlight the model is much more effective.

Also, Humbrol's Matte Varnish is much better than GW's purity seal...

Sunday, 4 April 2010

The next Witch Hunter finished.

Well due to it being Easter in Britain, it's naturally been raining for the last week, so I hadn't had the chance to undercoat the rest of the Terminators (that was done yesterday).  So I knocked up another Witch Hunter (apologies for the dark pictures, not sure what's going on there).

This chap was missing his right arm, so I pinned on an arm from the Empire Militia sprue - fortunately the axe arm had a bracer on it to match the one on his left arm, so that worked quite well.  The only slight problem is that his right arm is now slightly longer than the left, but hopefully it's not too noticeable?

The paint scheme is the same as for the rest of them, nice and simple, and also quick.  I'm pleased with the face, which has come out quite well, although the eyes were a pain (again).

As always, comments and criticism welcome!