Sunday, 11 April 2010

Blue burn out...


3 terminators down, 2 to go, but lordy I'm getting a little sick of painting blue.

No pictures of them yet, but I realised I hadn't posted a blog entry for a week, so here's a picture of a Vet Sergeant I did a year or two back (the picture is about that old too).  Not much else to show for my efforts, hopefully some pictures of the finished terminator squad towards the end of the week.

Looking at this I  feel like my blending has improved a lot, and that where I highlight the model is much more effective.

Also, Humbrol's Matte Varnish is much better than GW's purity seal...


  1. I really like this model but have never been able to find it - is it a special release?

    Nice looking blue. I understand the burn out, after painting 30+ blue marines and two Rhinos I didn't think I ever wanted to see blue again.

  2. Ahh, the doomed veteran sergeant that we were discussing on one of my previous blog entries. He will be missed.

    Model looks good but, as you say, not a patch on your current run of crimson fists which are looking awesome.

  3. You need to get a squad of grey knights or something so they can ally to your marines while being a totally different colour. I completely burned out on red and gold for my marines after 1500pts worth and so my honour guard are getting painted in bright white. They can be stand-ins from another chapter or something if I need to justify fluff.

    That's a great combi-plasma there by the way. I could see that being pretty easy to make with a plastic plasma and bolter.

  4. As always, thanks guys!

    Simon - it's an old veteran sergeant model, probably the best one they did, it's such a shame they've stopped producing it.

    DT - I'm chuffed at the progress I've made in the last year or so. I've learned a lot, that's for sure.

    Pete - I think it will be Legion of the Damned for my "different" unit, although the two I've done so far are going to get repainted as the brown didn't work...

    As for the combi-plasma, I had to buy another blister pack of veterans to get that arm, as the ones in the original blister didn't match... :(

    Still, I got more veterans out of it... :P

    No progress tonight, as the mighty Swindon Town were on TV, and in HD!