Saturday, 17 April 2010

Flash! Aaaa-aaaahhh, it annoys everyone of us!

Huge apologies to Queen and their fans for that dreadful pun...

So I got this chap yesterday (pre-ordered a while back).

(Picture courtesy of Games Workshop website)

The thing I've noticed on a lot of the recent metal models is the sheer amount of flash, particularly the threads of metal (which I assume is left over from the injection process), left on the model.  I know flash has always been there, but has there ever been so much as there is now?

Just looking at the parts, I'm dreading trying to get rid of it all, and I  know I'm going to miss a couple and have to remove them post-undercoat.

Also, I really don't like the way they've attached the wings to the metal "sprue" - that's a big chunk of (waste) metal that will have to be removed - I'm not a big fan.  That's also something I've noticed recently - lots of waste metal, and chunky "attachment points".

On a positive note, the miniature looks very nice, plenty of detail and looks like it's going to be fun to paint - he's my favourite of the Blood Angels miniatures, plenty of character and a dynamic pose.  I'm also a big fan of the fact that he's off the ground, it will put him "higher up" than any marines he's with, and help him stand out.


  1. It's funny you say that as I was only thinking the other day that the new platic kits have almost invisible mould lines (I may just have bought a lucky batch).

    I am looking to do a big conversion with this guy – not keen on his arms over his head – and paint him in black, as a Chaplain should be.

    Look forward to seeing your finished miniature, or indeed work in progress.

  2. Mould lines are unforgivably bad lately. It's a problem with plastics as well. People attribute this to aging moulds but when models like Astaroth who has just been created come with horrible mould lines, you know GW just don't care about production quality anymore.

  3. I haven't had great deal of stuff with mould lines but flash on the metal models I can relate to. I must have cleared off 30 flash bits just from one Marneus Calgar model and I still missed some until the painting stage.

    Compared to the other metal models I've got (Ramshackle Games and Privateer Press) the level of flash on GW stuff is just ridiculous. It doesn't make me really want to invest more in GW metal models in any way. At least their plastics are good and my two armies (marines and Tau) have most of their stuff available in plastic.

    Shame really, because some of their direct order models are nice otherwise.

  4. It does make you think twice about buying metal models from GW, but I have noticed that the Lord of the Rings models don't suffer from this problem anywhere near as much.

    I've actually found the mould line problem much reduced in metal models - the Legion of the Damned models I have barely have any mould lines, but they're "hedgehog-like" with all the metal threads sticking out of them. The worst so far have been the latest Queek Headtaker and the Legion of the Damned models.

    I've had one plastic space marine sprue that was a little off, but generally they've improved over the years.

    Much like DIY (Home Improvement for people the other side of the pond :P) for me, I find the preparation part incredibly tedious - I just want to paint!

  5. Oh yeah, the hedgehog issues. That's definitely what I get most in GW and it bothers me a lot. I've not had much issue with mould lines but those little bits of pointy flash always seem to lie down in a nook on the model until you're painting and suddenly, whoops there they are :-(

    I've only had a few issues with the plastic moulds. One of my Piranhas wouldn't fit together well enough for the glue to dry. GW customer service were good enough to send me a replacement kit.

    So sometimes annoying on the flash front but very good on the customer service.

  6. Hedgehogification - I'm using that term for it from now on. They like to masquerade as chainmail a lot I've noticed...

  7. Oooh good word, I'll definitely keep that. My personal hatred is the flashy spikes that sit on top of the complex heraldry and so on of the marine honour guard set I've got. Marneus Calgar has so many bits and bobs of fancy design that I've missed out a bunch of flash, even after going over the model twice...grrrr.

  8. Any plans to convert this mini? I quite like the armour on this guy (reminiscent of Dracula in that 90s film), though reading this post I'm knid of apprehensive about how the mold lines will affect the details on it. However I'm not a massive fan of the overhead axe due to the way that it inverst the shoulder pads, kind of unavoidable really considering the style of armour (and a shame, as I would otherwise like it)

  9. I don't know about converting him, although a big sword of some sort rather than an axe could work nicely.

    The mould lines aren't bad on mine I think - I'll have to have another look, but I don't recall seeing any.