Monday, 3 May 2010


Long time no update - apologies for that, real life got in the way the last week or two, so haven't had the chance to photograph anything, let alone update the blog....

Anyway, the good news is that the Terminators are finished (finally!).  I thought painting these guys was fun initially, but all that blue got rather monotonous - they're done now though, and I've managed to get some pictures taken:

I'm really, really pleased with them - comparing them to the veteran sergeant a few posts below, it feels like I've made a fair bit of progress in quality and technique.  I've already posted pictures of the first one here, but here are some pics of the others:

(Obviously the assault cannon guy isn't that much bigger than the sergeant, I just have poor cropping skills...)

So I'm putting the blue down for a bit, next up is the original Commisar Yarrick model, a Legion of the Damned marine with Multi-melta (nearly finished) and some Warg Riders for War of the Ring.

In other news, I braved the wrath of the internet and posted Brother Captain Mortis on CoolMiniorNot (linky) - after 28 votes, he's standing at a not-to-be-sneezed-at 7.9, which I'm pretty damned chuffed about!  I thought he was a 7 at best - but apparently some other kind people disagree...

Some of the stuff on there by people like Artur and Bohun blows my mind, if someday I can get that good I will be a very happy man.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Ah nice, well deserved 7.9, if that model was uploaded a few years back it would easily make high 8s. I have a couple of old galleries on cmon with 8s, kind of crazy since the pics are mostly really big and raw, one of the high rated minis isn't even painted. They are mainly marines though, always good for an extra 0.5 or more if they're painted well.

    I think even these days you could get high 8 or even 9 with that classic Dev Sgt that you painted yellow, really nice style that's appreciated over there.

    Out of curiosity what editing work do you to your photos, if any? I had a fiddle with the cmon pic to see if it could be improved (just basic stuff that mini painters do that you might be familiar with) and the levels were all to the right side in Gimp2. Is that just due to the program you use? Or maybe the camera / photo setup? (I'm not good with cameras or computers so I haven't got a clue)

    p.s here's the edit I did, didn't change the levels or colours just the angle and backdrop

  2. Mate, I'm such a noob when it comes to this photography malarkey, and I find it the least enjoyable part of the whole painting/blogging experience. I know it's down to my own lack of knowledge and experience, and I really should learn more, but it's just so damn painful and unsatisfying. Case in point, I'm not sure what you mean by "levels", and "to the right side"...

    I set everything up in this photo box/studio we have, take photos with the (expensive) camera, then spend god knows how long with Google Picasa trying to get the pictures on my PC to look like the miniature on the desk...

    Is this what everyone else does? Or do they know what they're doing? A lot of the time I've just hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button in Picasa and prayed that it works - this just seems to lighten the picture up and wash out the background (which is pretty much what I'm after).

    I ought to add, as I don't want people to think that I'm prettying things up just to put up on the web,the pictures you see are what the miniatures look like in real life, if you had it in your hand. I'd take a picture to prove it, but...well...yeah.

    The whole process has been made a bit easier when a work colleague taught me about light metering, but it still amazes me that a reasonably bright and well lit subject on a white background can come out as an indigo subject on a grey background... :/

    So yeah, photography, really not my strong point.

    I really need to learn how to do that graduated background, as that looks really good. :)

  3. Looks good! If you want the colours a bit more true, you can try out a coloured or gradient background. The white can tend to overpower a dark subject.

    Google around for tutorials on macro photography, and most of all: practice ;)

  4. Those terminators are fantastic.

  5. Ah well then, you are a more accomplished photographer than I am ;)

    Basically I'll just put the mini on a sheet of printer paper by the window and snap away with my cheap camera, then do a little editing to bring the image closer to how it looks for real. I have access to a better camera but I agree with you, photography is the least enjoyable aspect of the hobby so I generally don't go out of my way (especially since the first time I used it I couldn't see much difference).

    Regarding "prettying up", I think it is generally accepted that any post-photography editing is ok as long as we are doing it to better represent the actual appearance of the miniature, rather than to make the image less realistic.

    small tutorial for photoshop here (works mostly with Gimp, a free photo program)

  6. Tentakel - new background it is then...

    Oni - thanks mate. :)

    Ferran - Then we're agreed, photography sucks! I need to create my own lightbox I think. I've definitely only used software to bring stuff back to normal - I'd feel a fraud otherwise.

    Thanks for the link to the photoshop tutorial - it would be nice NOT to leave it up to chance and the whims of Picasa...

  7. Hey man, your termies look awesome! I am especially impressed by the skin tones on the sergeant. Very realistic. It would be nice to see your mad skills on some more Tyranid models. Not that I am biased or anything. ;)

  8. Cheers mate! Haven't heard from you in a long time!

    Sarge's face came out pretty well, I used Gryphonne Sepia to shade Tallarn Flesh rather than Ogryn Flesh and it gave a more subtle shadow effect, and a different skin tone to normal.

    I would love to do a Tyranid army, but Christie would go nuts if I started yet another project...

    The idea of an alien horde of critters swarming over everything is so tempting though!

  9. I love these guys Andy, they're awesome. The graduation of highlights on the armour is great.