Wednesday, 31 March 2010

First Terminator done...

...and a lot quicker than I thought!  I didn't realise loyalist terminators were quite so fun to paint, and there's nothing too complicated on them.

I like the pose, and the paint job has come out nicely (going for gaming quality again) - same paint scheme as the sternguard in the previous post, the only extras are the cruxes (Adeptus Battlegrey, Badab Black wash, Codex Grey, Astronomicon Grey).  Not overly happy with the chapter symbol, but it will do for now.

I really like the look of the burnt grass on the bases - I haven't added anything else much, but it does seem to work with these guys.

I'll have some pictures of the next two WIP soon.

As always comments, criticism and quesitions welcome!


  1. Your "gaming quality" is really quite solid. He looks excellent!

  2. Cheers guys, solid was what I was looking for! :)

  3. Andy, sorry I've missed out on your blog posts and this great guy. I really like the bright contrasts on the armour. I think you've brought a real vibrancy to your Crimson fists.

    How much of an army do you have collected/painted at the moment?


  4. Cheers mate, no worries!

    The Crimson Fists so far:

    1 x Captain in Power Armour (Classic powerfist model)
    1 x Chaplain in Power Armour
    1 x Lysander (Brother Captain Mortis)
    2 x Full Tactical Squads
    1 x Sternguard Squad (6 marines)
    1 x Razorback
    2 x Terminators

    Still to paint:

    3 x Terminators
    1 x Landspeeder Storm
    1 x Scout Squad
    1 x Power Armoured Librarian (classic old model, Mk6 power armour and helmeted!)

    Not all of these fit into 1,000 points obviously, I'll post the actual army list soon.