Sunday, 28 March 2010

So I had this spare combi-melta...

Onwards and upwards with the Crimson Fists!  Painting procrastination is being held at bay by me actually setting myself some targets.  I'm aiming to have a 1,000 point army of Crimson Fists by the end of April.  This will mean painting:
  1. 1 x Sternguard with combi-melta
  2. 5 x Terminators
  3. 5 x Scout Squad
  4. 1 x Landspeeder Storm
So item number 1 is completed!

I wanted a 6th Sternguard and didn't want a duplicate miniature in my squad.  So I've had to be a little creative.  It's not the best or most complex of conversions, and The Dark Templar will probably roll his eyes (or curse) at the lack of dynamism, but  I'm quite pleased with him.  To help beat the procrastination, I'm limiting the time I spend on each - I'm not going for display quality here, just good enough for the tabletop.  So the blending is a little rough and he has a number of flaws that can be seen in the pictures, but hopefully not from a foot or two away.  He's also a little brighter than the other Sternguard, as I painted them 6 months or so ago...

I hope the Mk8 chest piece, and the little studs on the helmet and kneepads link him in with the other Sternguard, so he doesn't look like just a Tactical Marine with a fancy gun.

Just in case anyone was wondering about the colours used:
  • Blue - Regal Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Ice Blue
  • Red - Mechrite Red, Devlan Mud wash, Blood Red, Solar Macharius Orange
As always, comments and criticism (and questions if you have any) welcome!


  1. Heheh, no complaints here mate. Looks good.

  2. I wish I could do your kind of tabletop quality! Is that your priority list up there? And is it really five different scout squads?

  3. Nice job on his shoulderpad, I like the way it fades to a darker color as you get to the bottom.

  4. Thanks guys!

    @TDT - cheers mate, glad you approve. :)

    @tentakel - your conversions still wipe the floor with mine mate! As for the list, it's kind of prioritized, the Landspeeder will be done before the Scouts...and that's just one Scout Squad, not sure I could get through 5 of them!

    @Ron - Thank you - I try to highlight with a top down light source, so that seemed to be the best way to do shoulder pads - the way GW do them doesn't feel right to me for some reason. I think I probably have too wide a contrast between the top highlight and the shadow at the bottom, but I can get away with it on the dark blue of these guys.