Friday, 5 March 2010

Crimson Fist Lysander - Making some progress...

Apologies for the lack of updates again...

Here's the latest shot of my Lysander - renamed Brother Captain Mortis.  I've not got too much left to do now, the back of the cloak (which will be crimson) and the chapter symbol on the blank shoulder pad are the "big jobs", while all over the model, I can see bits that need tidying up.  Particularly the face, that hasn't come out at all well in the photo for some reason.


I'm really happy with the hammer (an attempt at using something close to NMM techniques with metallic paint) and the shield - especially the lettering which I usually struggle with - I think I may have finally got that nailed now...

As always, comments and criticism welcome!

Off to London this weekend for a Dave Matthews Band gig at the O2, so not much painting this weekend sadly.


  1. Gratz on another sweet looking model.

    So you didn't fancy doing a greenstuff fist symbol on the shoulder pad Andy, hehe.

    I'm loving the mock-NMM hammer (and the irony that it's done using metallic paint).

    This guy is looking very tasty at the moment – I personally have no issue with the face – look forward to seeing him complete!

  2. He looks great! The hammer is really well done, looks akin to NMM, but better.

    Do you have plans for the back of his cloak?

  3. Hmmmm Compliment sandwich-

    -Lovely smooth crisp painting as always, nice deep vibrant blue with smooth transitions in shading and hilights, hammer definately looks good.

    -Not entirely convinced with the aquila - same technique as the hammer? Doesn't really pull it off imho, looks like normal metalic done a little sloppy. As an army centrepiece or display piece the face does indeed need work.

    -kudos for trying new techniques, you're a better man than I (though I'll be doing weathering stuff on my next few, fingers crossed!) mixed results, hammer good, shield not so, but overall great first(?) attempt.

  4. Great looking work. I'm enjoying watching this come together.

  5. Very pretty. I'm envious that the "Conversion" for crimson fists is merely painting the hands a different color!

  6. Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated - I'll put in a proper reply when I get back from London.

    Looks like I still have plenty of work to do on this guy when I get home! :)

  7. OK, a proper reply this time...

    Thanks for all the comments guys, and particularly the constructive criticism from Ferran. I've had a go at cleaning up the Aquila on the shield, I think it's improved it now - in hindsight it shouldn't have been silver, it perhaps should have been black, but never mind, I'm not going to restart it now (I'm half way to insanity, and don't need pushing any closer... :P). I've also neatened up the face too, lightening up the shading so the face looks a little more natural. I'm happier with the face than I am with the Aquila - it's not going to be perfect, but I want to move on to the Terminator squad sooner rather than later, and not get bogged down with this chap.

    Dark Templar - not having greenstuffed anything yet, this isn't where I wanted to start! I know I can paint the symbol reasonably well (had a bit of practice on 20 tac marines), so I'll stick with that. I really need to start using greenstuff - expect to see some toadstools on the base of a miniature sometime soon...

    Kuffeh - the cloak will be plain(ish) red - I thought about some freehand stuff on the back, but there's not actually a lot of room there and I don't think it will add anything.

    Ferran - The hammer was reasonably straightforward as it's a lot of flat faces and hard edges - it's much easier to use NMM techniques with an object like that. The aquila was just standard metallic paint (plus a godawful attempt at blending now I come to look at that photo) - now I've tried to go a bit more "NMM" with it. I'm still experimenting with this technique - it was a little bit of luck as well as judgement that the hammer came out as well as it did.

    Warhammer39999 - Yep, an alternative colour scheme is the easiest conversion of all!

    Again thanks guys - much appreciated.