Monday, 10 May 2010

Progress Report - Librarian and Yarrick

After a "tumultuous" week in British politics (seriously?), I have some progress to report.  The Warg Riders are undercoated, but before I embark on another "batch job", I decided to paint up a few individuals. The Multi-Melta armed Legion of the Damned marine is finished and will feature soon, when I get myself sorted out and build a proper light box for photos, with a decent backdrop.

Classic Crimson Fists Librarian
One of my favourite ever space marine models, I think the chunky gauntlets on this model make him an ideal candidate for the Crimson Fists.  As you can see this chap has been undercoated and I've pretty much finished the gold on him:
Gold recipe:
  • Tin Bitz
  • Devlan Mud wash
  • Burnished Gold
  • Shining Gold
  • Mithril Silver with hint of Shining Gold
I'm tempted to give this a wash of Gryphone Sepia to tone it down a little.  The rest of him will be painted in the standard scheme I've used on all my Crimson Fists.  Really not sure how to do the force sword though - any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Old Commissar Yarrick model
I bought this chap whenever he first came out (I dread to think how long ago that was), and he never got beyond 1/4 done, so he's been stripped of paint and I've started again:
I've only done the claw so far and I'm not totally happy with it, mostly because of the blocky top highlight on the smaller of the pincers, I'll have to blend that in better.  The idea with the claw is, because it's from an Ork, it's not going to be a bright red, and the internal workings are going to be rough and need a lot of grease to keep it going, hence the darker, dirtier colour.  I think it works.

The rest of the model will be black and silver, with gold and red (a little brighter than the claw) trim.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Awesome Librarian model there Andy - what a classic!! I think this was the first Librarian model I ever saw or owned. Look forward to seeing this fella painted.

  2. I'm loving the classic librarian model too. What I wouldn't give to get a box of the old Rogue Trader Beaky marines. 30 beige plastic troopers would just be so much fun to put together and play with.

    Yarrick looks really good so far. Perhaps if you just put a red/brown glaze or wash over the block part of the highlight you could tone it down a little but it really does look great.


  3. Cheers guys - I have 10 of the old beakie marines (from when they split the old 30 strong box), which I'm slowly painting up as Scythes of the Emperor chapter. I really, really wish I'd bought a few of those boxes, oh well...

    The librarian has the blue and metalwork finished, pictures tomorrow hopefully!