Monday, 14 March 2011


Alternative title:  Sometimes Andy paints something non-Games Workshop...

2 months after getting back from the US, I finally get started on my Warmachine Khador boxed set.  First up is Sorscha - I don't like the colour scheme on the box, as it's too much red.  I know I've used the olive drab green a lot recently, but I think this complements the red well, without looking too "Christmas-sy", which is important, as I want to put snow on the bases - not something I've done before, but feels appropriate for the theme of the army.
One thing I have wondered about is the position of the hammer arm, which doesn't match the picture on the box, or any pictures I've seen online - it doesn't look unnatural, but I guess the piece must have got bent in the box?

The red is currently too pink/peach, I started off with Scorched Brown shaded with Devlan Mud, highlighted first with Dark Flesh, then Blood Red, and finally Blood Red with some Vomit Brown mixed in.  In hindsight I should probably have used Scab Red and Snakebite Leather, but it's a bit late now.  I'll tone it down with a watered down Devlan Mud and Thraka Green wash , which should take the pink/peach tint away, and then maybe re-highlight with Snakebite Leather.  The Dark Flesh is a good first highlight (cheers Tom), I need to remember that for the future.  I feel like I've made a good start on her, and looking forward to finishing her by the end of the week (he says hopefully).

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Must be psychic linked. Just bought my first Warmachine fig (a cyclone warjack for Cygnar). Like you I am not sold on Privateer's painting style. Bit nineties for me, looking forward to what you come up with as the models are better than they look under those glaring paint schemes.

  2. I know they do it to make the miniatures stand out in pictures, but they went a bit far, particularly with the London Bus red they use on the Khador miniatures - I wonder if this puts some people off Warmachine?

    The miniatures are superb, the three I have are really detailed, and different enough to GW's stuff to really make you think how you're going to paint them.