Sunday, 20 March 2011

Kommander Sorscha

First up, I need to apologise for the pictures as they're not great - probably because it's late Sunday evening and I should be going to bed, oh well...

Anyway, my first Warmachine miniature is finished and I'm kind of happy with her, but only kind of...

To start off with, she was a pain to put together.  I don't know what the difference is between the plastic Privateer use and the plastic GW use, but Privateer's plastic seems much more resistant to polystyrene cement, so the parts are much harder to glue together.  Gluing the body to the base, via the tab, was OK, but gluing the arms in was not successful, and both arms came off while mid paint.  So in the end I used superglue to get them to stick, which does seem to have worked.  I'm now gluing a warjack together and making sure I'm much more patient and ensuring the parts have bonded.  

Also, with this plastic, flash seems much harder to get rid of (see the spiky bit at the non-business end of the hammer), filing tends to shred rather than remove and scraping with a knife seems to be the most effective method. 

As for painting her, it went reasonably well, the green looks alright and the red has come out nicely, but the hammer isn't quite as good as I'd hoped for and due to the position of her left arm, painting the face was a royal pain in the backside - particularly painting the lips and eyes, lots of counting to ten and deep breaths were required!

I've tried GW's snow on the base and I'm not sure about it - if someone can recommend a better way of doing snow it would be much appreciated, as GW's snow just looks like short white grass to me.  It doesn't look bad, and has kind of the required effect, it's just not quite what I was expecting.  Actual painting time for her wasn't too long - it's not my best work by any stretch of the imagination, but for a gaming rather than display piece, I think she does the job.

Also this weekend, I did a quick paint job on the first of my converted Chaos BloodBowl team (which have been kicking around for a bit unpainted).  His name is Albrecht Gore (pun intended) and while he is not based yet, the paint job is finished and he will be the captain of the [insert suitably Slaanesh-themed name here]*.

Once he's based up (I'm trying to think of a good way to do that too), I'll take some more pictures of him.  Here he is "in the plastic" with two of his friends, Blind Grekk and Axel "Pretty Boy" Throatripper:

Planned this week are a Dire Avenger and the 2009 Games Day Chaos Champion (painted in a Nurgle scheme), plus starting a Warjack if there's time.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!

*The name will be "Purple Pain" (which is utterly dreadful) if I can't think of anything else soon...


  1. Oooh, Drastik Plastik orc head? :-)

  2. If you can find a way to get it in the uk Secret Weapon's crushed glass snow mixed with "realistic water" is apparantly the ultimate snow, its appeared on GD winning figures and all sorts, check out their site. I agree with the plastic. Gods alone knows what it is. I gave up on poly cement pretty quickly and superglued it together (which is apparantly their advice). Shame because it really makes it more like resin in that case. Ho hum. Also their descision to pre clip the sprues just has me bemused. Do they cast multiples of each part rather than a fig per sprue? Weird.

  3. Looking nice on those models and woot for making some bloodbowl stuff. I need to try that game.

    From all I've heard, PP plastic should just be considered resin and treated the same way. It doesn't carve smoothly like GW plastic and doesn't bond with poly cement. Wash it, saw like resin and supergluing is the order of the day.

    @The pirate viking. I think they do cast up the pieces rather than the models as a whole, otherwise it would probably be easier for them to just ship the sprue rather than take the step of clipping them in house.

    Sorscha looks great though.

  4. Eversor - even older, it's from the old Warhammer Regiments boxed set! I actually have a drastic plastic Orc sprue somewhere...

    TPV and Pete - cheers guys, looks like it's Superglue for the rest of the Warmachine stuff then. As for the bits being clipped off the sprues, I thought maybe they'd designed the packaging and forgotten what was going in it...

    Dafter things have happened.

    I'll look into that snow stuff...

  5. It all looks stunning mate. I keep meaning to do some warmachine stuff but never get round to it, may have to make an effort after the move.

    I didn't know you had a Blood Bowl team, when i move back we should have a game. If nothing else you can stomp on my poor little halflings!