Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Why did I bother getting up this morning?

I've had one of those days.

Stupid slushy snow made the walk to work "interesting" this morning.  Work was decidedly uninspiring.  Walk back from work was cold and unpleasant.  This evening I watched the rather dull Liverpool v Tottenham game (2-0) rather than what appears to be the rather more exciting Aston Villa v Blackburn game (6-4).

So I decided to take some pictures of some of my latest work:

Huron Blackheart

These two (not great) pictures were taken before he fell off the desk and bounced off the floor, knocking off his backpack, bending the talons of his claw and chipping the paint off his head.

...and yes, I was a little upset...

He's now on the shelf awaiting me to get the motivation to repair and repaint.

Classic Skaven Sorceror
This is the only picture that came out well of this guy - I've put him in this post as it's my best attempt so far at Object Source Lighting (based loosely on the tutorial in a recent White Dwarf), and I needed a positive...

As always, comments and criticism welcome.


  1. Lovely tones on Huron and I'm a big fan of anyone who can do that glowy light effect on models.


  2. Nice job on Huron as well. Dark and gritty looking, which fits perfectly for a champion of chaos. Maybe consider throwing in some brass, bronze or gold to better highlight some of the intricacies of his armor. I do all my painting over carpet to prevent the dreaded bounce and shatter when they fall. It does make finding dropped pieces more of a challenge though. I have not yet dabbled in OSL, but yours looks pretty good.

    Did you win at skittles?

  3. Floorboards look good, but aren't forgiving that's for sure!

    OSL actually isn't too hard to do, espcially after reading that tutorial - it's just making sure you don't do it too often...

    I've seen loads of marines with glowing eye pieces - surely that would make seeing out of them tricky?

  4. ...and yep, we won, but only just, Chris got a nine to win it (despite playing like a muppet for much of his leg...).

  5. Wow! That's some nice painting there, matey!

    - Drax.

  6. Thanks Admiral! :)

    Still yet to repair Huron...