Saturday, 23 January 2010

Brevik's Lament

Mrs Brevik and I went to see the Moctezuma (apparently "Montezuma" is wrong) exhibit in the British Museum last night - the exhibit was really good, but has the side effect that I now want to do a Lizardmen army in the style of the Mexica (apparently "Aztec" is wrong too...).

I don't need new army ideas right now...

No painting done so far today, but I've been trying out a few new things when taking pictures.  I can't seem to get enough light, so even though these pictures are better, they're still a bit too dark.

Lamenter Sergeant
This guy was painted a month or two ago and was an attempt at "better battle damage". I hadn't got the Modelling Masterclass book then, so I was still trying to paint battle damage on, rather than using the sponge method.

Here I used Scorched Brown as the dark colour, rather than using black, and it's a much subtler effect.  I washed the greaves and feet a couple of times with watered down Devlan Mud to "dirty it up" a bit.

Lamenters are supposed to be a Blood Angels Successor Chapter who follow the Codex Astartes, hence the red helmet.  The bolter was Chaos Black highlighted with Scorched Brown and Codex Grey - it's the paint scheme I'm using on my Legion of the Damned models, rather than the normal black.

Comments and Criticism welcome...


  1. That looks like a solid effort to me. I'd probably be lazy and actually carve in the battle damage. That way a simple wash would mark the places of the gouges. I'm very impressed that you can do it all with paint.

    Thumbs up. Pete

  2. First class painting, as mentioned I was very impressed too with the damage. I didn't even realise it was painted on till I read the comments.

    From what I can see in the pictures, there isn't really anything to criticise in my opinion. Yellow is a hard colour to paint but you have done a great job on this model.

    For the lighting, you could just use a desk lamp and either put tracing paper or a thin white sheet over the lamp head and try shining the light through that as it softens the light but gives an even glow over the object. It might help.

  3. Thanks guys - I'm thinking about just doing another little painting stage-by-stage for the yellow - not that it's too complicated, but I guess some people might be interested.

    Still working on the lighting - I'm very tempted to get myself some proper studio lighting, the lights I have just aren't strong enough.

  4. I guess some people might be interested

    I'd be one of them. Yellow's one of the tones that still doesn't click for me... I end up with neon/cartoony or brown. (Of course, it might help were I to paint the color more...)

  5. I'll see what I can knock up in the next couple of days...