Sunday, 17 January 2010

Guitar Hero

Got 3 of these old noise marines, and this is the first one I've painted:

Not quite finished, and it's been suggested that the greaves should be another colour. Not sure about that, especially as I spent a lot of time getting the black right!  The purple was Hormagaunt Purple, washed with Leviathan Purple, and then highlighted up through Hormagaunt Purple to Astronomicon Grey. I'm pleased with the result, and it's more of a pastel colour (more befitting Slaanesh), than a bright purple.

It's had some really good feedback at the Bolter and Chainsword WIP painting forum, which I'm really pleased about - I'm trying to concentrate on painting for me, but it's nice to get some praise/validation.


  1. That looks to me like some very smooth blends, and a really nice mini. awesome.

    I'm thinking what i can try to offer you advice wise, and i dont really think theres anything i can tell you about applying paint :)

    i might even ask for a blending tut from you

    but i might be able to offer a word or two about choosing paint. I notice in your B&C thread a little discussion of colour, and as stunning as that fellow above is, the red guitar.. hrm. a little meditation on something like this -

    might be elucidating. on that bluey purple, to really "pop" you would choose a yellow. the complimentary - thats whay that bright gold works so well (stop me if you already know all this)

    to "support" the purple you would use a colder, bluer purple, maybe all the way to blue with this one, or maybe a warmer redder one. I personally think the colour is a tad too cool to be fully supported by the red, but not far off. (that's analagous colours)

    the triads would be vibrant and maybe jarring, so greens and yeallow/orange

    split compimentary would use red, but supported by a dash of green here and there. i see some on the cables that almost does the job, but it's not quite vibrant enough

    all said and done I wouldnt change a thing on this figure, but you mention 2 more in the works, maybe looking through some stuff about colour theory will really help with the pop :)

  2. Great blending work there. The mini is just so vibrant.

  3. Thanks very much guys, and Karitas that's some great advice, and exactly what I've been looking for - cheers!

  4. Great stuff! Always like to see your work.

  5. Cheers mate, hope you're getting some modelling/painting in since the new arrival?