Saturday, 16 January 2010

Chaos Champion of Tzeentch

An update of sorts.  A while back I got my grubby little hands on 2 old Tzeentch flamer models - as in really old, from the early 90s.  I'm usually a "preserver" of older models, but the base/trunks/lower bodies of the models have always looked like they could be used for a Tzeentch chaos warrior/champion conversion.  Not having done a huge amount of converting before (my GD entry was about as adventurous as I get), I thought I'd actually try it.

Kurze, Chaos Champion of Tzeentch
Most of the miniature is made up of components from the OOP "hunchback" plastic Chaos warrior boxed set.  The sword strapped across the back is from the accessories sprue and the metal right arm with axe is from the champion bits from the box.  The fungus lower body is a long time OOP "Flamer Body 1" (Stuff of Legends link).  The slate bits on the base come from the WH40K basing kit.  He's not brilliant by any means, and he's probably quite a bit out of proportion, his upper body being a bit too big for the lower half, but hopefully when he's painted up he won't look too bad.  He's meant to look like he's waving forward his troops with his axe.  He'll also be carrying a shield in his left hand (see below).

Colour scheme wise he'll be mainly painted up like this:
Blue: Gradual transition through Fenris Grey, Space Wolves Grey, Astronomicon Grey
Yellow: Tau Sept Ochre, washed with Gryphon Sepia, then highlighted through Tau Sept Ochre, Iyanden Darksun, Dheneb Stone.

Comments and criticism welcome.  Photos of other stuff to follow.


  1. I really love the color scheme on the shield.

  2. Thanks Equinox, it works well across the model in the end - see a couple of posts later for the near-finished model. :)