Friday, 25 February 2011

A little inspiration (Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford)

A "something of nothing" post tonight...

The pictures were taken with my phone camera, which was all I had to hand at the time, so apologies for the quality.  I love the Pitt-Rivers museum, it's totally random and crazy and feels like you've stepped back in time into an antiquarians grotto.  I'm not sure how recently they set this up, but the top floor is devoted to weapons and armour - well worth a look for some inspiration.

Unfortunately, the Samurai armour really didn't come out at all well, so may have to go back and take some more pictures at some point.


  1. nice! Have you ever done the Royal Armouries in Leeds? Well worth the trip. Amazing collection.

  2. I haven't yet mate, it's now on the list though.

    The Tower of London has a good collection too - plus it has those jewels which are important for some reason or another...