Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Getting more and more "Dire"

Another quick update. I'm happy with the armour and I'm now adding the green and wraithbone elements, and doing a couple of the soul stones (That's what they are right?  I've suddenly forgotten quite an important part of background...) and finished the faceplate.

I think he's coming together quite nicely - as always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Lookin' good, subtle Eldar eh? Who knew? ;) Oh and the big one in the middle is his soulstone but the others are probably the other soulstones of the Exarchs who inhabited the suit before. They don't dare release them into the infinity circuit so they remain in the suit and their conciousness merges with the next nutter to be trapped on the path of the warrior. It's what makes 'em so badass!

  2. That's looking really nice. the contrast is lovely, good strength of highlight and shadows

    Well done!

  3. Looking really lovely. Great work and I like the muted tones. So many eldar armies are really bright and I think the subtle shades are more fitting.

  4. I really like it, nice work, still can't decide what colours to paint my Aspects, this sure gives a good vote on not using the Codex colours

  5. Cheers everyone! :)

    Yep, subtle is the way ahead I reckon, it always amazes me how GW have painted their aspect warriors, particularly the Fire Dragons. I thought they'd got over their toy like bright colours stage they went through in the early 90s. The miniatures are fantastic and deserve a much better colour scheme.

    TPV - cheers for that mate!

    IDICBeer - go non-standard, and match the theme of your army, let the creative stuff flow!

    Al, I'm going, I'm going! :)