Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Crest and Shimmershield...

...would be a good name for a sci-fi/fantasy geek themed pub.

It also describes the next bits completed on the Dire Avenger Exarch:

I started off painting the shimmershield a deep red colour, and quite frankly it didn't work.  I don't think the red worked with the existing colours, and it looked too busy.  So I made it match the wraithbone elements on the figure which I think works pretty well, my only worry is that the small jewels aren't standing out as well as I'd hoped, I think this is because they're so small.

As I'd ditched the red for the shimmershield, I changed my mind on the crest too, and went for green to match the other green elements - I think this is definitely a better idea too.

The next thing to think about is what colour to do the spear blade.  The spear haft will be the green I've used on the weapons for all the other Eldar, but the blade needs to be something different.  Any suggestions?


  1. Progressing nicely. As far as the blade: if it is a power weapon, maybe something very dark with a turquoise highlight? If it is a normal metal, maybe a dark metal with a turquoise highlight? I do like a dangerous-looking, subtly-glowing blade.

  2. Indeed, I'd drink at "The Chest and Shimmershield." Lovely work.

  3. Cheers guys. :)

    Al, I'm avoiding metallic paints for this army, so it would have to be a glowing colour of some sort. Turquoise sounds good, it's that or a deep red.