Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dire Avenger Exarch nearly finished

Nearly there with the Exarch, in fact the only things left to do are putting some static grass on the base, neatening up any rough areas, and working out what colour to do the damn spear blade...

I'm pretty chuffed with him so far, the spear haft and knife sheath match the weapons on the other squads, and I think both greens work with the armour shade.  When I do the rest of the squad (including repainting the first one I did a while back), I'll be doing a quicker and simpler job on each model, the Exarch has been fun, but very time consuming.

Once this chap is finished it's on to the Wood Elf lord, and something a little Warmachine...

Also this week, I'll be looking at building a light box Tentakel-style.


  1. Amazing, as always! Turqouise and green are weird colours for Dire Avengers, but you make them work, with the wonderful tones you've chosen.

    Good luck with the lightbox :-)

  2. Cheers mate, I'm still not entirely sure that the turquoise and green work together though.

    Making the light box tomorrow hopefully. :)