Monday, 23 August 2010

Getting back to blogging again...

Long time no update.

Not sure why, just didn't feel like posting much, plus I lost a bit of enthusiasm for painting, so it all kind of slipped away, and now it's been over a month since I posted anything.  I've not even posted comments on others blogs and for that I am especially sorry.

So, just a quick update (no new pictures I'm afraid).  I finally finished the Eldar Rangers, and if I do say so myself they look pretty damn good.  In fact it wasn't just me saying it - I entered them into the squad category of the little "Golden Demon" competition they held at the Swindon GW store.  Out of the three entries, they were voted the best, beating the second place squad by one vote.  I entered my Lamenter Sergeant in the single miniature category and he won too - much more competition for that category, and it felt like more of an achievement.

So what's next?  I'm giving Golden Demon a miss this year, I just didn't have the inspiration to do anything.  In the painting station at the moment is the still unfinished Commissar Yarrick, a couple of Orc Warg Riders and the Witch King of Angmar.  What I'm actually working on is the limited edition Space Marine Sergeant from a while back that I'm painting as a Dark Sons marine.  I wanted to try something a bit different, and I've never really painted white before.  Chickened out a bit and went for a quartered colour scheme so the whole marine wasn't white, but hey I had to start somewhere.  Hopefully a WIP picture or two tomorrow.

Future projects fill my head, and it hasn't helped that Forgeworld have started making the different Space Marine Armour variants.  Sheer awesomeness, there's no other way to describe them, and to release the bolter variants, and old style special/heavy weapons too - just fantastic.  I am seriously considering getting some Mk II and Mk III sets and building a pre-heresy Iron Warriors army - as I'm really liking the pre-heresy colour scheme for these guys.

Anyway, that's enough for now, hopefully more tomorrow...


  1. Yaay! Good to see you back Andy! Having just finished the white on the tenth berserker I can attest that you are indeed smart to choose quartered. Just for gods sake get all the painting done before the white as it is the very devil to clean up errors.

    Those old mark armours are tempting me too, especially as the Badab War book is bound to come with even more loveliness. No. I shall be strong. I have made my Blood Angel bed and I shall lie upon it! Looking forward to seeing the Rangers.

  2. Nice work on the Lamenter. I go through spells of no motivation to paint. Sometimes it just takes the right mini to break the spell!

  3. Good to have you back! And congrats on the victories, well deserved, no doubt.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    The Badab War book is going to be mine - one of the best bits of 40K fluff in my opinion.

    Inner Geek, that's exactly it for me the Eldar Rangers (still in the store cabinet) and especially the subject of my next post are the miniatures that got me back into painting. :)

    Tentakel, I'm going to try and post with a bit more frequency from now on...hopefully...