Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dark Sons

Two posts in three days?  I know, it will never last...

I pledge to do more WIP shots, just to show what I'm up to.  This chap really got my enthusiasm back:

Very much WIP, the green and gold are completed, and aside from the leg, the white is pretty much done.   The whole miniature was undercoated grey, which is a change for as I usually undercoat in black, but with so much of the miniature being white I thought it better to use grey.  The white is better shown from the back of the miniature:

Colours used:
  • Green - Orkhide shade, Devlan Mud wash, then Orkhide Shade through Knarloc Green, with some Rotting Flesh added to the last highlight.
  • Gold - Tin Bitz, Devlan Mud Wash, Dwarf Bronze, Shining Gold, Burnished Gold, Mithril Silver added to the last highlight
  • White - Devlan Mud wash on the grey undercoat, Dheneb Stone through to pure Skull White
Lots still to do, and he's taking a while, but he's enjoyable to paint.  I probably won't do an army of these guys, but he'll make a reasonable display piece. Inspiration and motivation is back!

As always comments and criticism welcome.


  1. I like this model a lot. I used him last summer to get my painting interest back and he worked well.

    Nice looking paint job on hims so far, don't think I've ever seen this scheme before.


  2. Very nice model and very smooth tones. I'm a a big fan. Nice to see you're back Andy.


  3. Thanks Simon, the initial pose put me off the mini, but he's been pretty decent to paint so far. I've found next to no fluff for the Dark Sons chapter, short of the picture colour scheme on the Lexicanum.

    It's good to be back Pete, trying to stick at it now. Will there be an update from you soon? Great work on getting your stuff cast by the way. :)

  4. That should have read "...initially the pose..."


  5. Hey there! Nice to hear from you and see some sharp looking models again. Thought you may have been abducted by aliens or ran off with the circus or something. Glad your back in the action. I do enjoy pouring over your handiwork and getting ideas and insights.

  6. Hello Al! The aliens weren't interested and my circus act was rubbish, so I'm back posting again. :)

    Will have some more shots of the chap above soon, plus some Eldar I'm working on as part of the Combat Patrol Challenge in the GW store.