Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dark Son: Making progress...

Not too much to report, but nearly done with this chap.  

Not entirely sure about the dirt on the leg, and the white on the backpack has come out a bit rough, but I've got to the point where I'm itching to get on to the next project, so it will probably have to do.  Really all I have left to do is the chapter symbol and static grass on the base, and this chap is finished.

...and what have I learned from this?

Painting white is still a real pain in the backside, and I'm not sure I want to do a whole army of these guys...

As always comments and criticism welcome.

Up next:  The local GW store is running a combat patrol project, so I'm taking my recently triumphant Rangers as the required troops choice, and adding five Striking Scorpions (assembled, based and awaiting undercoat spray) and five Dark Reapers (yet to be purchased) to make up 400 points.


  1. I think it's an amazing job!! The dirt works perfect, not too much and not too little, you nailed it I'd say. I'm so impressed by how you've done this model I've just aquired one myself from eBay, the Ultramarine GW Stock photo seemed bland and it didn't really capture my imagination. But this totally makes your jaw drop, and the ridiculous price I've just paid for the figure doesn't seem bad when looking at these pics. Mine will be in Blood Angels colours, you've set the standard to follow. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you VENNgeance! It's amazing how a paint job can change the way a miniature looks. I'm glad my version has made you feel a little better about shelling out for one. I'd love to see some pictures of it in your Blood Angels colour scheme.