Thursday, 16 September 2010

Here be Dragons...

Yeah alright, lame post title...

The first of the Fire Dragons is finished - took a little longer than expected, but I think he was worth the extra time spent.  It's amazing how pictures can show up little things I couldn't see with the naked eye, so there are a couple of things that will need to be neatened up, but otherwise I'm happy with the end result.

The "business end" of the fusion gun might also need a little extra work, it was meant to have a "ceramic" look to it and I'm not sure if I've pulled that off very well.  

The paint scheme used:
  • Green elements:  Catachan Green, Devlan Mud, Catachan Green + Camo Green
  • Weapon: Orkhide Shade, Orkhide Shade + Rotting Flesh, diluted Devlan Mud wash
  • Weapon end:  Scorched Brown, Badab Black, Scorched Brown + Snakebite Leather, Snakebite Leather, Snakebite Leather and Dheneb Stone
  • Wraithbone elements:  Khemri Brown, Devlan Mud, Khemri Brown + Dheneb Stone
  • Armour:  Scorched Brown, Badab Black, Scab Red, Scab Red + Vomit Brown, Vomit Brown, Tausept Ochre
  • Yellow Helmet: Tausept Ochre, Gryphonne Sepia, Iyanden Darksun, Iyanden Darksun + Dheneb Stone

I decided not to paint the curved line of "bumps" on the helmet as jewels, as I thought that would be a bit excessive, so I've gone for the green I've used on other parts of the mini (and the the same colour as the Striking Scorpions' armour).  I wanted a deep red for the armour to fit the arboreal/autumnal theme to the army, and even if I do say so myself it works rather well. Plus, I really don't like the orange scheme that 'Eavy Metal used.

For the combat patrol project at the local store we had to set ourselves challenges, to do something different from what we usually do.  I set myself these challenges:
  1. Finish an army that wasn't space marines
  2. Paint a multicoloured army and make it look cohesive
  3. Don't use metallic paint
I'm definitely succeeding with 1 and 3, and it's 2 that I'm trying to focus my attention on.  So I'd like some feedback on how people think I'm doing on getting the force to look "cohesive" (if that's even the right word):

I think the weapons do a good job of tying the different colour schemes together, I'd considered giving the Fire Dragon a green helm, but I don't think that would have worked.

Let me know what you think...

As always comments and criticism welcome.


  1. That is a fantastic looking red.

    I think the cohesiveness is good - the guns tie everything together well and the overall "mood" of the models is very similar.

  2. Thanks Simon!

    With a bit of luck I should get the rest finished by the end of the weekend, the deadline for the army is next Saturday and I still have a unit of Dire Avengers to do.

    God I wish I painted quicker...

  3. I like the fact you kept the reds and yellows toned done so he doesn't look like a walking cartoon flame. Nicely done. Your colors also fit the fire dragons style - hot, gritty, and all business. He should say, "Yes I have a tall pointy yellow hat but I'm also going to burn a soccer ball-sized hole through you".

  4. Cheers mate!

    4 done now, just got the Exarch to finish for this squad.

    The deadline for the project is the end of the week, and I still have the Dire Avengers to do. Looks like I might fail to meet it, oh well...

  5. Love those scorpions! And the pathfinders are sweet too. The Firedragons look awesome, the reds and yellows are understated but come through still looking vibrant.


  6. Apologies for not replying Raziel, thanks very much sir!

    Fire Dragons are done, bar varnishing. Thankfully the deadline has been extended to this weekend - still got the Dire Avengers to do though!

  7. I think you've done well in making them look like they belong. I have no great mastery of the color wheel but I am guessing you change the "hue" but not the rest and that is why they tie in. Maybe you should try turning the photos into black and white and see if they tie together well then too. Saw someone else playing with that.

    Also the bases are the same which ties the whole thing together nicely.

    And the paintjob is very nice, on all of them:)

  8. Crikey, no use of the colour wheel mate, just a bit of guesswork about what works together - I really need to be doing some colour theory at some point though.