Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fire Dragons Completed

Far too long between posts again...

Not had much painting time recently, social life (yes I have one occasionally) took up some time, as did a new found addiction to the Blood Bowl computer game - great fun, although very frustrating, "The Black Death" Chaos team are starting to find their feet (and the ball, although picking it up seems to be something we still need to work on).

I've also just finished Dan Abnett's "Blood Pact", and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'm also reading the Calpurnia trilogy, and now moving on to the Sabbat Worlds anthology.

Obsessed?  Me?

In amongst all that, the Fire Dragons are finished!

Yep the picture wasn't exactly well posed, but never mind (the photographer should be shot to be honest...) - the guy hidden behind the Exarch is of the same pose as the guy far right, and the guy partly hidden was in the last post on this blog.  I'm particularly pleased with the Exarch - I spent a little extra time on the yellow of the helmet - the battle damage was the result of a couple of scratches on the miniature, which I didn't want to file out in case I damaged the rest of the model.

Front and back shots of another one just to show the paint scheme:

...and finally, as I've done the first of the Dire Avengers, a comparison shot of all 4 of the units:

I'll post more pictures of the Dire Avenger when I've got some more of them finished.  I didn't want to paint his armour blue as I wanted him to fit in with the rest of the army, so I've gone for a dark brown.

  • Armour:  Chaos Black, Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Vomit Brown
  • Helmet:  Khemri Brown, Dheneb Stone, Skull White
  • Crest: Scorched Brown, Badab Black, Scab Red, Scab Red + Vomit Brown, Vomit Brown,

I actually had a bit of a disaster with him, the matt varnish spray left the model with a chalky finish that I couldn't get rid of, particularly in the crevices of the model.  I think I must have sprayed too much on somehow.  :(

He needed a bit of a repaint to fix him - very frustrating, but a useful learning exercise in the end.  Just have the 4 Dire Avengers to finish, and that's the combat patrol army done.  Although I've no idea if the store is holding the event still, so I may be bringing them up to 500 points and finding a gaming club to join...

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Hey Andy, these Eldar are looking great.

    I like how you've brought a gritty darker look to them. For me, the GW models look like cartoony figures whereas yours look like they have come from a dark future where war is the only way to preserve their race.

    Good to see you back and glad all is good on the social life front.

  2. Not only have you done justice to my favourite aspect but you have made them AWESOME.

    Love your work mate.

  3. Cheers guys!

    The GW colour schemes are quite bizarre, I'm not sure why they're so bright, it's almost a throwback to the early 90s.

    I can't do bright, it just doesn't work for me.

    Glad you both like them, the Fire Dragons do have the best look about them, even if they are one piece models.