Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A quick update, another Berzerker, plus an Empire Soldier

Not much of an update, work, plus World Cup (and the pain of being English), plus a trip to London has eaten into my hobby time these last couple of weeks - off to Hard Rock Calling festival this weekend, but after that I should be back into the swing of things. 

First up is a Khornate Berzerker icon bearer I'd been working on - same colour scheme as the test model from a while back.  

Another reclaimed and stripped job (I think he cost me £2) - I can't stand the icon that came with that miniature, so I replaced it with the Khorne icon from the Chaos Space Marine box.  I think it works pretty well.

Next up is a test Empire militiaman/mercenary, part of my Witch Hunter themed Empire force.  A real quick and dirty paint job, I wanted to hark back to 3rd edition Empire, with a stripey pattern on the trousers.

He won't win any competitions, but if I can get a few more of these guys painted up, he'll look pretty good on the table top.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. I really like the militia man, he looks great. A bit dark - though that might be the photos - but nice choice of colours. I think he looks like he belongs in Mordheim.

  2. Cheers Kuffeh, he is a bit dark, but intentionally so (although don't discount ropey photography!), I'm going to keep the colour scheme roughly the same for all these guys, just changing the "bright" colour for each.