Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Getting ratty... (Part 1)

I'm going through an "irritable" stage at the moment, it doesn't take too much to annoy me, and there have been more than a  few days these last couple of weeks when I wish I'd never got out of bed.

Painting has been slow this last week or so, I've managed to complete two miniatures.

Just the two.  I've got into a painting rut again, the enthusiasm has died and I'm not sure how to regain it.  Nothing much appeals to me at the moment, and it's a bit worrying.  I'm tempted to just put everything to one side and start a new project, just to get the energies flowing again.

The next source of irritation is my lack of a decent photography set up - I need somewhere permanent, lord only knows where that will be though.

Anyway, just the one photo (i.e. the only one that came out OK in my last session):

Queek Headtaker

Pretty pleased with the paint job, hopefully some better photos should show him off better.  I went for metallic armour rather than red, as I didn't like the bright red armour on the GW paint job - this feels a bit more Chaos ratmen to me, although not quite so distinctive.  The warpstone pendant worked well too, might need a bit of work, but the OSL's not too bad.

The other miniature completed this week was a quick and dirty Warg rider for War of the Ring, 3 more of those to go...

What would people like to see me do next? I'm really open to ideas - my next post will be about an autumnal themed Eldar army that I have an idea for, but after that, who knows?


  1. Hey Andy. That's a nice looking Skaven model. I'll be honest, the ratmen don't appeal to me in general but that model is really quite something and the paintjob brings it out very well. The brightness is impressive while still keeping a muted palette of tones.

    Thumbs up.


  2. Cheers mate!

    I was a huge fan of the original skaven (probably born of my love of Advanced Heroquest), from the WFB 3rd Edition. Then the next lot of models were dreadful (I think they were Gary Morley's work), in common with most of the early/mid 90s stuff. I'm back on board with the latest stuff though, Queek is my favourite of them all, but the new Clanrats Plague Monks and Stormvermin are superb, really characterful and nasty looking.

  3. I agree with Pete, I'd go as far to say as that model is a modern Classic and you've done it well. The LotD guy below is nice too.

    As far as what to do next, well one of the nice things about your blog is the variety so whatever you decide I'm sure will be fine ;)

  4. Cheers Ferran - when are we going to see an update from you?

    Got a few things done this week past, so hopefully an update in the next day or so...