Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Progress on a Noise Marine

Not much of an update, I haven't don't much painting recently, but the second Noise Marine is coming along nicely I think.

My only concern is that he may be lacking a bit of "oomph", and he looks a bit flat - obviously he'll look better when the back pack is on, but it feels like he's lacking some colour.

What do people think?  All criticism gratefully received!


  1. I think he's looking really tight and well defined with all of the colours. The only thing that might bring him up is a touch of a really warm vibrant red or yellow. Perhaps he could have a slaanesh symbol in blood red on the body of the guitar just to the left of his left hand (as you look at the photo).

    Just a thought as I think it looks great as is.


  2. I love him! I can see what you mean about being dark, the choice of colours do lean heavily towards that side. But I find the white/cream breaks it up and adds a nice bit of colour to him, and once the base it done it might help lighten the mini a bit.

    Overall, he looks great. I love the purple flames.

  3. Cheers guys, I'll stick with the "dark" look then. I may find some way of introducing some yellow in there, I'm avoiding red as I used that on the previous chap.

    I'm now not sure what to do with the third noise marine - the only idea I have at the moment is a bright green...

    If anyone is interested, I'll do a little stage-by-stage thing on the purple flames - it's pretty simple, but I've learned lots of pretty simple things from other peoples blogs recently.

  4. Its the base that is making it look dark, once that has some colour it will lift the dark sections of the model, at the moment they blend with the black undercoat. Maybe base coat the base with whatever you'll be using? (Way too many "base" in that paragraph)

  5. "Base coat" on the base done, highlighting it later tonight - I'll try and get some pictures sorted out later (down the pub for skittles tonight).

    See you at "base" camp tomorrow lunchtime for some painting therapy?