Sunday, 21 February 2010

Long time no update...

Sorry everyone, poor health, plus a trip up to London meant it's been a long old time since I actually updated this blog (and commented on all your stuff, which is even worse).  However the trip to London was fantastic with the high point being Saturday.  I've been getting a bit excited about the movie "Solomon Kane" (IMDB link) - OK maybe more than a bit, but anyway...  

Opening weekend this weekend, and the main actor, James Purefoy (he of "Rome" fame) and the director, Mike Bassett, were signing all sorts of expensive stuff at one of my favourite stores in the whole world. Forbidden Planet.  So I got a cool canvas and a "making of" book signed by the pair of them, shook the hand of the director and chatted to Mr Purefoy briefly.  Then off to Leicester Square to see the movie at the Empire.  While not the best movie in the world, it was pretty damn good for the budget (low), and it was an absolute blast to hear an action hero talk with the same accent as me - hurrah for the West Country!  Yes, I loved it.

(...and yep, I'm from the Cotswolds and we all sound like farmers...)

...and easily inspired as I am, I now want to theme my slowly growing Empire army around Witch Hunters (Dark cloaks, pistols, flagellants and Sigmarite Priests)...

...not to mention using Malachi's face make-up on something chaotic.

Anyway, got a couple of pictures of my finished Noise Marines.  I'm stopping at 2 for now, these blighters are hard work and I want to do something else for a while.  I'll be taking some more pictures when I have the time - these two are actually an improvement on previous efforts as I've learnt a little about light-metering now - I just need to practice!

Noise Marines 1 & 2


They've both come out really well and they look good next to one another.  As I've said before the third one needs some repair work, before I can even think about painting him.  So this week it's going to be Legion of the Damned and some Empire...

...and good lord, I need to get back on with this updating malarkey...


  1. (...and yep, I'm from the Cotswolds and we all sound like farmers...)

    Hmm for some reason I had you pegged as American, was wondering for a sec why you'd go to the movies during a trip to London!

    Anyway those noise marines are excellent, truly faithful to the fluff that inspired them whilst still being aesthetically beautiful (I remember seeing a fair few back in the day that that didn't pull off the chaotic clash pattern very well. Did see an awesome Union Jack paintjob once though).

  2. Noise Marines look awesome Andy. Look like part of the same squad whilst being individuals. Very nice indeed.

  3. Solomon Kane, that's Robert Howard's other hero, right? *Sneaks off to Wikipedia.* Right. Hope the movie comes to Sweden soon!

    The Noice Marines look awesome. I have no constructive comments whatsoever, I just bow to the master :-) When I get around to painting the one I have, I'll be taking some inspiration from you.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments guys - looking at the two of them together kind of makes me want to do the other one now...

    Now if I could just convert miniatures like tentakel I would be set for the other three in the squad as well...

    Ferran, you're not the first person online to say that, although when they hear my voice on Teamspeak or meet me in person they soon revise their opinion! My wife is American which probably corrupts the way I say things these days (I'm SO going to get slapped if she reads this... :P).

    tentakel, yep one of Robert Howard's other heroes (it still shocks me that he wrote his stuff in the 1920s), apparently they're going to make movies of some of his other characters too. Solomon Kane wasn't available in any of the Odeon cinemas in London for some reason, so it might not be on general release - hopefully you get it in Sweden.

    To be honest, I reckon the art director fior that movie is a Warhammer fan...

  5. Yep, I've read it, and you WILL get slapped, perhaps during the night tonight when you least expect it. ;)

    It's not MY fault you are easily know what I mean.