Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A change of tack, back on the Crimson Fists...

Hmmmm...I'm chopping and changing with what I'm painting again.  No structure or organisation - exactly what I've been trying to avoid.  How do people stay so focused?  I have a million and one ideas spinning around my head and discipline goes out the window - any suggestions on how to get myself back on track and stay there would be much appreciated!

Good news on the Empire front, a generous friend of mine (and a bloody good painter as well) has some Witch Hunter miniatures that he thought I'd like.  Some old metal archers are being stripped of their paint jobs, ready to be painted up, probably in the colours of Stirland, and I just have the standard bearer to paint to complete the first 10 Greatswords.

The Khorne Berzerker is finished aside from final touches to the base - pictures in the next day or so.

...and onto Lysander.  I started this guy a while back, to go with the Terminator squad I still haven't started for my Crimson Fist army. 

Not too much done yet, the head/face is finished and I've done the right shoulder pad. 

I'm not happy with the eyes, but they're done - I really need to work on painting faces, it's the one part of painting that still lets me down - certainly on this chap, the contrast between shadow and highlight is too wide, I need to be much more subtle about it.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. He looks great so far. Can't wait to see him finished.

  2. I think that if painting is your thing, rather than gaming, then chopping and changing isn't a big deal – you should paint what inspires you.

    This approach doesn't work if you're trying to build an army to game with, in which case I would put every other mini in the attic out of reach.

    I find myself in permanent conflict within my BA army painting, not able to decide what to paint next. At this rate I'll have 8 HQ choices and no Troops!

    Loving this Crimson Fist guy! I would be interested to know how you go about painting the red on a black undercoat.

  3. He looks really good and the shading is tasty in my view.

    One question I always have for people who paint before final assembly (i.e. the storm shield) you strip the paint on the bonding surfaces before you glue it?

  4. Thanks guys, much appreciated. :)

    Matt - I'm a notoriously slow painter, so you might have to wait a while! :P

    Dark Templar - My problem is that I get the odd figure finished every so often, but I don't feel like there's much to show for my efforts.

    The red I use for Crimson Fists is:

    - Black undercoat
    - Mechrite Red (a couple of thin coats)
    - Devlan Mud wash (undiluted)
    - Then highlights from Mechrite Red, through Blood Red and finishing with Solar Macharius Orange

    For a duller red (like on the Berzerker mentioned in posts before), I've used:

    - Black undercoat
    - Scorched Brown
    - Scab Red
    - 1:1 mix of Scab Red and Snakebite Leather
    - Snakebite Leather

    Pete - yep I scrape the paint off with a knife before gluing - I noticed in another blog it helps to score a crosshatch pattern on the bonding surfaces before gluing to get a stronger join.