Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Yep, I am alive, just about, and still painting!  As Terry Pratchett fans may have worked out by the post title, I got my hands on one of the fantastic Discworld sculpts from Micro Art Studios, and in particular, Granny Weatherwax:

The sculpting on this miniature is fantastic, and  is very true to the (later) art work from the books (Calendars, Maps, Graphic Novels, etc).  I've been having some issues with Testor's Dullcote recently so she's a little shinier than I had hoped for - I'm seriously considering going back to the trusty Humbrol stuff, as that seems to work better than anything else.  

The colours are all my standard way of doing things recently, so I won't bore you and repeat the details.

The face is fantastic (the photography isn't) and was a real joy to paint.  I love it when the faces on models have so much detail, and the eyes are so nicely defined.

Her trademark boots are another nice touch (the shine actually works here), as are the hairpins.  All in all she's a really nice model, with all the cool details that make Granny, well, Granny.

In other news, alongside a few other ongoing projects and my next Ancible article, I've started on my next Reaper model:

Not made a huge amount of progress yet, but I'm really pleased with the head and cowl - again, it's nice to have well defined eyes to paint.

Gaming wise, I've had a go at Warlord's Bolt Action (28mm World War 2 for those who haven't seen it), which so far has proven to be a fun ruleset, quick to learn and get to grips with.  If I can do a bit of clearing of my ongoing projects, I might be tempted to get some British Paratroopers...

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Nice work on Granny Weatherwax, I look forward to seeing your Red Devils ;o)

    1. Thanks Simon, it will be a while before I have anything painted for Bolt Action, but it will happen!

  2. I don't know what is more spectacular on this one Andy, the face or the boots.

    1. It's got to be the face, it's so beautifully sculpted that it was a joy to paint. :)

  3. Y'know, I've been umming and ahhing over the Discworld range for a while, this has pushed me right off the fence. Lovely work. I may have to avail myself of some!

    On a side note, do you have an opponant for bolt action? I've been taken with the concept for some time but no-one I know has the SLIGHTEST interest! Equally, having painted paras for FoW I'd be more inclined to go for the villainous hun in this scale...

    1. Thanks Jeff! I can't speak highly enough of Micro Art in general, and their Discworld miniatures are truly wonderful. I have Rincewind, Twoflower and the Luggage waiting to be done too.

      As for Bolt Action, one of the Ancible group is a keen historical wargamer, so has a load of Americans and Germans that we've been playing with to get a feel for the rules. We make a bi/tri-monthly pilgrimage to Firestorm Games in Cardiff, and we've played it there, so when I've got some Paras painted up, I'll give you a shout. :)

      The rules are pretty good, straightforward and feel "right" for someone who's mainly played GW games.

      Beware the Americans though, for their special rule (move and fire with no penalty) seems rather broken...