Thursday, 7 February 2013

Calling in support...

Another of the "to be finished" list has been completed and this time it's one of the Regimental Advisors blister:

A bit of a quick and dirty paint job, he's designed to fit in as part of the small Rogue Trader set of miniatures I've been painting over the last year or so.  Therefore he's got the white and red uniform of the good ship "Siegfried and Roy".  The white was simply a base of Karak Stone, highlighted with Rakarth Flesh, Pallid Wych Flesh and Ceramite White.  These were simple layers, so no blending - I didn't want to mess about with this mini, just get him done and off the workbench

The metalwork was simple - AP Gun Metal, Nuln Oil Wash and Gun Metal plus Chainmail highlight, for the steel, and then my usual Dryad Bark and Auric Armour Gold for the gold.

For some reason the red came out a little shiny, and I'm still toying with the idea of re-varnishing the model, to knock the shine off.  Dryad Bark is the base again, washed with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted with the old Scab Red and Blood Red.  The Leather is Dryad Bark highlighted with Steel Legion Drab.

Quick, and fairly easy, he didn't take too long to finish off (he'd been sat there with only the gold and steel done for months), and he fits in quite nicely with the other members of the crew so far:

His jacket's a little lighter than the rest, but it doesn't look too bad.

Not sure what's coming next, I'm quite unamused by this, so I may be taking a break from Games Workshop stuff for a bit, so the next few posts will be a bit random in content.

Situation normal then?

As always comments and criticism welcome!

Your humble Space Marine, Andy.


  1. His jacket is probably cleaner than the others because he is essentially the regimental secretary. "Sally?! Take a message." "My name is Bill sir." "Take a message, Sally" ~sigh~ "Ready sir."

  2. He's really nice and as Zab said he rarely sees real action!

  3. Thanks chaps! Yep, good point, this guy is the telephonist really... :)

  4. He does look brighter next to the other chaps, but that's mostly because he has so little black on him, while the other three models have more of it. All in all he looks great though :)