Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ancible Issue 20

Hi all, Ancible Issue 20 is now out...

The download will now cost you £1, but I hope you will think it's worth it.  I have a couple of articles this issue, a review of one of Reaper's "Bones" range, and Watching Paint Dry is a quick and dirty guide to painting Kingdom of Britannia soldiers from Dystopian Legions.

In other news, we're getting into Star Wars X-Wing (like everyone else it seems).  Currently our group has 2 starter sets, a Millennium Falcon, and a Slave 1 - which are enough for 100 point games.  I hopefully should be getting a starter set this weekend, so we can vary the forces quite a bit.  I REALLY like the rules, especially the movement dials, and the funky dice seem to work really well too.  It's a really nice fast-paced game and it's got a proper Star Wars vibe about it, so it's loads of fun.

I'm a little disappointed that the miniatures are pre-painted, but they are done really well for pre-painted stuff, and Si has worked some serious magic on the engines of Slave 1 and Millennium Falcon, so they look superb.  

If any of you are in Cardiff on Saturday a few of us will be at Firestorm Games having a few games (40K and X-Wing probably).

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