Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Liebster Blog Award…

This little number has been doing the rounds in the blogosphere - it's a rather nice way of getting other people's blogs noticed, which I'm all in favour of.  There's so much good stuff out there, and there may be one or two that you never knew existed.

When you get nominated, you then (if you're not busy and feeling generous), nominate 5 blogs (with less than 200 followers) that you think are deserving of other peoples notice, and then post a comment on the last post of each blog to let them know you've done it.  If you're really lucky, they don't report you for cyber-stalking.

The Dark Templar (the rascal) rather kindly named me in his 5 blogs (thank you sir!), so having reported him for cyber-stalking, it's my turn to name a few (links in red):

Quite frankly, Mangamax is a freaking genius.  Not only does he do the stuff we do (miniature painting), but he also makes Sci-Fi stuff out of ordinary (and not so ordinary) everyday stuff.  His scratch-building projects are fantastic, and it's how I envisage people used to do props and scenery for Sci-Fi movies before all those CGI shenanigans.

Clam sculpts (yes sculpts) and paints Dwarves in a similar style to the old Marauder Chaos Dwarves.  They are fantastic, and as long as the stock lasts, you can BUY them for yourself...

The Pirate Viking (his real name is Jeff apparently, although I think that's just a stage name) was a staff member at the GW store when I got back in to the hobby, so I've known him a while, count him as a friend, and he was a great source of motivation when I used to spend hours in the store painting.  His output (always high quality) makes me look like a lazy so-in-so.

I started Warhammer 23(ish) years ago with 3rd Edition - Orlygg does 3rd Edition and then some.  He collates out of print rules, finds OOP miniatures, and links to other peoples 3rd Ed stuff.  His blog makes me all nostalgic, it's wonderful.

Pete has similar views on the hobby to me, and he was one of my first followers and commentators, back when I was an insignificant speck in the blogosphere, which I still am.  Pete seems incredibly young, although that might be because I feel incredibly old.  He seems to travel around the world a lot, which might just mean he's a spy.

Or a pirate...

Apologies to all of the blogs I didn't name, but to be fair all the blogs I follow are in the left hand pane (no, your other left) so check them out.  Also some of the blogs I would have named have already been selected by others, and we need to share the spotlight.


  1. Very many congratulations Andy, a richly deserved award.

  2. Congratulations to you Andy. You definitely deserve any and all awards that come your way because of the blog. I've picked up a huge amount of ideas and tips for painting from what you do. You are one of the most active painters as well so that's a thumbs up from me. I know I should step up my activity on the blog so that's on my list for the future.

    Thank you for the blog link as well.

    For the record, I'm 28 years old and I haven't travelled that much (M won't give me the budget...). However I am now in Central Europe in a former Communist country so make of that what you will ;-)


  3. Congrats, It was this post that got me to do a version of my own. Thanks for the blogs links as well, they've gained a new follower.


  4. Thanks chaps! It's nice to know what I post is helping people too. :-)