Monday, 12 November 2012

A Dragon Finished

I bit the bullet and finally got Mizuchi completed!  This chap has proven to be a bit of a hit among my non-wargaming friends, everyone loves dragons!

He came out really well, and I wish I'd just got on and finished him sooner.  In case you haven't seen the previous posts, this is Mizuchi, from the Prefecture of Ryu range from GCT Studio's Bushido.  A lovely model, just not that much fun to paint initially.  I found the scales a bit painful to get looking good, but the yellow was a blast at the end.

The red was a little more complicated than usual as I struggled to get the effect I wanted:
  • Base:  Scab Red
  • Shade:  Devlan Mud
  • H1:  Scab Red
  • H2:  Blood Red
  • H3:  Squig Orange
  • H4:  1:1 mix of Squig Orange and Iyanden Darksun
  • Glaze:  Baal Red
The highlights were dry-brushed on to the scales (for the sake of my rather shaky sanity), but the head and limbs were layered/blended.

The Yellow is my old favourite way of doing things, the only difference being that I added white to the final highlight rather than Dheneb Stone.  The belly was the trusted Khemri Brown, Devlan Mud and Dheneb Stone combo, but I did the horns slightly differently, replacing Khemri Brown with Baneblade Brown, Devlan Mud with Agrax Earthshade and Dheneb Stone with Karak Stone.  This gave pretty much the same result, with the belly being slightly more grey, because of the effect of the Devlan Mud.

The eyes were a very quick job, with the intention to have an OSL effect. Regal Blue was washed into the eye socket and on to the face, then Ultramarine Blue into the eye socket only.  The eyes were then painted Ice Blue.  

As you can see from the last picture, as dragons go, he's not huge, but that was a blessing really, and he fits in nicely with the rest of the Prefecture force.  Next up for the Prefecture is Matsu Takashi, the magician, but she's a little way down the list of projects to work on.

Speaking of which, the next post will be a few photos of new projects, and hopefully another finished cultist or two...

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Excellent oriental dragon, full of character.

  2. Bloody stunning mate, excellent job!

  3. Brilliant absolutely gorgeous , Glad you got round to getting him finished!

  4. Wow! Andy this is superb work, love the colours and shades on the scales.

  5. Thanks everyone! I've had a few comments from friends and family that this is one of my best miniatures - I think it's time I looked at using brighter colours for some of my stuff.