Saturday, 19 May 2012

Maybe good, maybe bad, DEFINITELY ugly

Not a huge amount to report this week, I've mainly been working on my Malifaux crew.  Ryle is next up - probably one of the uglier miniatures I've painted!  However, despite some early trepidation (i.e. not knowing where the hell to start), he was a blast to paint.  The skin was particularly fun to paint - all that practice with the barbarians is paying off...

He's the standard colour scheme I've used for my Malifaux crew so far (see earlier posts), so I won't go too much into that.  The only real difference is the brass work, which was a base coat of Tin Bitz, shaded with Devlan Mud, then highlighted with Tin Bitz, P3 Blighted Gold and Mithril Silver.  The steel metallic parts were dry-brush highlighted rather than layered/blended to give them a battered/dirty look.

The base was a little bit of a modelling project.  Ryle is quite a bit bigger than the rest of the crew, so sits on a 40mm base.  My Malcontent sewer bases are only 30mm so I set about creating my own 40mm base to match.

The "pipe" is some random piece of plastic I found lying about the house.  I made it roughly semi-circular in cross section by attacking it with a Dremell.  This was probably a mistake as the plastic was a royal pain in the backside to work with (it chewed up unpleasantly rather than sanded particularly smoothly), but it got done, and was glued to the base first.  The paving slabs and metal strips were plastic card, carefully sculpted (OK, scratched and hacked) with a knife.  The rivets were drilled indents with individual "bits" from a Brita water filter glued into them.  This was all then neatened up with liquid green stuff.

Undercoated it doesn't look too bad, and painted up it fits in with pretty well with The Dark Templars professional jobs.  I'm really pleased with the way it's come out, and now I'm seriously considering making more of my own custom bases (for my own use, not as a commercial venture).

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the Guild Guard completed, and then it's on to Lucius himself.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!

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