Saturday, 26 May 2012

Last Living Souls at Games Expo

This weekend I am helping some of the Ancible guys (Si and Jez) run the Last Living Souls game at Games Expo 2012 in Birmingham:

OK, the picture isn't great - should have some more tomorrow (hopefully I'll get some pictures of the rest of the show too).  It's a zombie apocalypse survivor game that Si and Jez have been working on for a fair old while now - check out the Google+ page for more info and pictures:  If you're attending the event, please feel free to say hello and have a game.

I'll have "Crazed Scientist" on my name tag, carrying a clipboard and maybe wearing a white coat...


  1. Have a good one, sounds like a great game!

  2. Looks a fun game, have a great time!!

  3. Cheers chaps! Had another good day today, the majority of the people who played really enjoyed the game, and I managed to pick up some bargains - details in a post this week. :)