Monday, 7 May 2012


...I had to get an Assassin's Creed reference in there somewhere.

My next completed model is Apagado, from Freebooter Miniatures.  This wasn't for any particular project, I just wanted to see what Freebooter miniatures were like to paint.  They get a very big thumbs up from me - they're fantastically sculpted, they're nice to construct, crisply detailed, minimal flash and really, really nice to paint.

I undercoated this chap in black, as I wanted him to be dark, particularly inside the cloak.  There are only really 3 colours of note, the maroon of the jacket, the green-black cloak and the cream cuffs and mask.  The jacket was based with P3 Sanguine Base and washed with Leviathan Purple.  This was then highlighted through a series of mixes of Sanguine Base and Hormagaunt Purple, finishing with pure Hormagaunt Purple at the end.  This was then washed with diluted Baal Red, to move the colour back from purple and more maroon.

For the cream I used a new colour!  OK so Rakarth Flesh isn't much different to Dheneb Stone, but it was nice to try something different - a base of the flesh was washed with Gryphonne Sepia, then highlighted with the base and then a 1:1 mix of base and white, finishing with pure white.

The cloak and leather details would usually have been done in my favourite Charadon Granite and Dheneb Stone combo, but with Charadon Granite gone, it was time to do something new.  A base of P3 Cryx Base was washed with Badab Black, then highlighted firstly with the Cryx Base and then mixing in increasing amounts of my second new paint, Karak Stone (a little similar to Rakarth Flesh, but not a base).

I'm really pleased with this miniature, and the photos don't really do him justice (well, the photographer anyway).  It's definitely tempted me to buy more Freebooter stuff!  I've borrowed the Freebooter's Fate rulebook from the Ancible team - looks like it's going to be yet another game to try.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!

EDIT:  Updated the pictures to better ones with a grey background.


  1. Andy, have to say I do like these Freebooter minis. Lovely paint job as always. The thing I like best is how smooth the grads are across the entire mini. There's a little too much green for me personally, but I'd have probably done him all black lol

  2. Cheers sir! He probably is a little too green really, but I'm going to stick with it as it was really enjoyable to paint. There are a couple of bits of blending that could have been neater, but I'm really chuffed with how he came out. I'm going to get the Brotherhood starter set (saves £15 on models!) at some point, so will do the rest in the same scheme. :)

    1. Yes, of all the Freebooter crews these do appeal the most – and it's not because of my blog icon!

    2. You're not fooling anyone... ;)

      If it hadn't been the Brotherhood, I think I would have gone for the Imperial Armada types as they're some nice minis too.

  3. That's a beautiful figure Andy, you should be very chuffed how he turned out, love the colours used, very sinister!!!

  4. I like him, something from Pratchett's Discworld Assassins Guild maybe?

  5. Thanks chaps! He really is the iconic assassin, and the shush gesture made me think of the Discworld Assassins too, although I did want to avoid that look (I'll paint the Discworld ones too sometime).