Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Vampire - Metallics Done

A little bit of progress tonight:

The gold was made to look a little more bronze than usual, I wanted it to look old, but not dirty/oxidized.  I'm hoping it will work well with the Maroon/Black colour scheme I want to use on him.

  • Base:  Tin Bitz
  • Shade:  Devlan Mud
  • H1:  Tin Bitz
  • H2:  1:1 mix of Tin Bitz and P3 Blighted Gold (I'm really liking this colour)
  • H3:  Blighted Gold
  • H4:  1:1 Mix of Blighted Gold and Mithril Silver
The other bits I got completed were the jewels - apologies for the picture, I used my phone camera to make the transfer to PC a little easier, but it does mean the quality suffers.

They were done in the classic GW style:
  • Base:  Reapplied Black
  • H1:  Dark Angel Green
  • H2:  Camo Green
  • H3:  A small "tick" of White added to the opposite side of the jewel.
Next up is the dark red/maroon of the shirt and sash.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Excellent especially the jewels....

    1. Cheers mate, hopefully some more pictures on Friday. :)

  2. already looking awesome, looking forward to more updates on this guy

  3. wow those gems look incredible¬
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  4. Cheers chaps! Marsekay, consider yourself followed. :)