Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The New Lair, nearly done!

It's been a long hard slog, I've been incredibly destructive and happily constructive, I've learned to plaster and to mount a flatscreen TV to a wall.  I've learned how the Dulux PaintPod is so much better than a normal roller, and how some Victorian red bricks are harder than others (I have a masonry drill bit with a perfectly flat end to prove it...).

But it's been worth it, and I'm about 80-90% of the way there.  Please excuse the photography, as it's from my phone, but this is where I've got to:

This side of the room is pretty much done - I've got to build a paint rack to go on the blank bit of wall next to the sticky board and mount a few pictures.  I know I'm incredibly lucky to have a spare room to dedicate to my hobby, so hopefully this doesn't come across as me showing off - this is pretty much a dream come true for me, and I'm really pleased that I've managed to do most of it myself.  Having the camera permanently set up is already making my life easier when it comes to photography for articles.

This should be where I'll relax after a hard evening's painting:

A big thank you to Kenny from the Ancible for the Infinity posters - with some glass clip frames from B&Q they really do look the business.  I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to sit on the sofa-bed though, as these two characters will generally be hogging it:

Hex (The Devious)

Ponder (Lord of all He Surveys)

They're only allowed in the room when I'm in there (they're part of the reason I needed the room in the first place), as they see the desks and the shelves as a giant cat tower for them to play on, and all the little things on the desks as their toys, the little buggers...

Actual hobby-wise, I've already had to start on painting for the next article, I'm cracking on with the Fellowship of the Ring for the in-laws, and I've just started my little Vampire project.  He's a (very) old Marauder Miniature (remember when they did loads of cool stuff for GW?) which I've always loved.  The previous paint job was not too bad for when I did it around 15-20 years ago (gulp), but he needs a fresh new look.

I originally just mounted him to a base, but that looked a little dull, and I wanted him to stand out, so the plan is to have those two pins surrounded by bats, so it looks like he's being borne aloft by them.  I've got some old Marauder Miniatures bats that I'm going to try and carefully pin and position around the bottom of his robe.  Hopefully this will look pretty good, the bats are quite two-dimensional so it should work.  Hopefully, the next post will have some pictures of him plus bats.

As always comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Very, very nice, has got me wondering if my flat mates really need their room or if they could just sort of move their stuff into the hall! But seriously, looks like a lot of work paid of well, still jelous though.

  2. That is fantastic. I think if we had the room in our house for me to have a painting room my wife would never see me!

    Reminds me of my old studio flat that became a painting area with a sofa bed in it to sleep – even my kitchen work surfaces had models on it. Alas in complete contrast our house has no evidence that I paint or game, models hidden away in cupboards.

    Well done Andy, I have no doubt it's been a bit of a project but well worth it I'm sure you'll agree. Very jealous, haha.

  3. TV monitor and paint desk, now that's good but distracting?

  4. Thanks chaps! Yep, it was a lot of hard work (plus blood, sweat and tears), but some of it was actually enjoyable (not much of it mind you), and the feeling of satisfaction from it is incredible. :)

    DT - My wife is already worried she won't see me any more, but it's not like I've banned her from the room, she's allowed to come in... :P

    My stuff used to be hidden away in cupboards - the biggest advantage is all the desk space to spread out on.

    Mr Lurker - it's a little distracting, but I don't have it on too much - mainly I just listen to any football that's going on (and then look up when there's anything exciting), or laugh along to Mock The Week or QI. At some point it's going to double as a PC monitor as I'm hooking up an old PC to the camera to help with the photography.

  5. The room is looking great - I have to do most of my modelling and painting in the-shed-down-the-bottom-of-the-garden.

    One question how did you manage to get the Dulux paint pod to paint such detailed miniatures?


  6. Thanks Tony!

    Crikey, getting to our shed involves a trek similar to an Amazon expedition! Funnily enough, that's one of my next DIY projects...

    As for the paint pod, you have to be very patient and use the OOO Windsor and Newton attachment. :P