Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Ancible Issue 13

...and we're back in the room.

Kind of - the new painting lair is 75% done - the desks are in, the main shelves (either side of the chimney breast) are up and stacked full of books, and I've moved all my painting stuff back in.  The remaining 25% - I have a display case to get, some shelves and pictures to put up, and worry myself silly about mounting the TV on the chimney breast.

More importantly, the first pieces from the new lair have been completed and are in issue 13 of the Ancible:

Bit of a Spartan Games themed issue, particularly Uncharted Seas - I got to paint some fantastic Ralgard ships for it.  If you've not tried Uncharted Seas before it's well worth giving a go - the starter fleets come with ten ships, and the games are pretty quick and, as you'll see from the battle report, can be pretty brutal!

With the latest article done and dusted, I should be posting a bit more on here - the Deadly Gamesman is nearly there, so should have some pictures of him soon, and with some space to spread out and leave things out now, hopefully the productivity should be on the up!

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