Friday, 15 April 2011

Assassin's Creed...

Hmmmm, an oddly "Assassin" themed couple of weeks for me.  I managed to complete the first Assassin's Creed (if you're not a video gamer that might not have meant much to you) last week and have just started the second one, which ROCKS.

Added to that, alongside a couple of painting projects I've got on the go, I completed this chap (still a lamp short at the moment, so apologies for the pictures...):

Acting on Pete's good advice the turquoise was dropped  in favour of the leather looking colour (and gold for the knee spike) which definitely works (cheers mate!).  The cloak was built up from Chaos Black through Charadon Granite and finishing with Dheneb Stone, which although not traditionally dark enough for a dark elf assassin has worked out rather nicely..  The leather pieces started with Scorched Brown and blended in with Tausept Ochre as the top highlight.  It's a nice dynamic miniature that was actually fun to paint, and he would work well as a Blood Bowl player too!

My Dark Elf army now consists of 7 miniatures, good going for me...

In other news the owner of the Eldar Bonesinger was very pleased with the paint job I did for him, which was very rewarding.  I'm giving some thought to doing it as a little side line to make some extra cash, I just need to work out if I have the time...

The first Warjack is still ongoing, the good news is I have a red recipe I'm happy with, so hopefully he'll be done by next weekend


  1. Now that is a tasty assassin. Good work sir, I'm very impressed. Glad I could help.

    I warn you, I'm back in the UK for a couple of months now so perhaps we can even get to meet in person :-)

  2. Cheers mate!

    As for meeting up - ping me a mail, and we'll try and arrange something. :)