Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Testing mobile blogger app...

Hi all, nothing much to report due to DIY commitments (laying laminate flooring is not as bad as I thought it would be). The purpose of this post is to test the mobile blogger app, and to let you know I'll be at Games Expo in Birmingham this weekend. A couple of the Ancible team are entering the X-Wing tournament, and I'm going to be trying out some new board games, and doing a little light shopping...

The attached (I hope) picture is of some Victorian British Bobbies I did for another Ancible team member quite a while back. They are for his "Gentleman's Club masquerading as Police" Empire of the Dead faction. The cobbled bases were made with green stuff, and worked really well for my first attempt at that sort of thing - the recipient was happy too, which is the main thing! The miniatures were a royal pain in the arse to paint and put me right off Foundry miniatures...

As always, comments are very welcome! !


  1. Nice work on the bases. They look very effective. You've done a good job on painting the Coppers but I have to say that the bloke on the left (with his gun in the air) looks like his arm is dislocated! Clearly some sculptors poses leave a lot to be desired where human anatomy is concerned!! Lol

  2. Foundry really are a mixed bag. Some - the old west for instance - are ace. The more recent stuff... not good at all. The new (old) owners have actually taken out and shot a lot of the newer ranges. Given that their spread of kits is so massive I wouldn't write them off completely. Just stick to the good sculptors. As I recall they still list who did 'em.

  3. The later sculpts from Foundry including their Victorian leave a little to be desired but you've done well especially the bases!

  4. Well the app is working! Cracking job on the bases and enjoy the Expo!

  5. Thanks chaps! I'm tempted to get some of the old Citadel warriors/Bretonnians that Foundry had repackaged as medieval warriors. Hopefully they'll be OK.

    The blogging App hasn't been a complete success, as the format of the text sticks to the rather weird central justification that the blog template sets, and I couldn't see (immediately) how to change that. The picture was also posted at it's actual size, rather than as a smaller version.

    Still, it's a good start, and may just require me to play around with the options a bit more.

    Or try another blogging App...