Sunday, 14 October 2012

Scholarly Militiamen

OK, you can label me a Lead Adventures miniatures fan-boy.  Their miniatures are full of character, beautifully sculpted and bucket-loads of fun to paint.  Having painted a few miniatures that have felt more like a chore recently, it was a real pleasure to work on these two.

These chaps are "Scholars" from the Bruegelburg militia range, and I reckon they are perfect for a Warhammer Empire army, or a Mordheim Witch-hunters warband (which is a little plan I have going around in my head at the moment).  The quality of the miniatures is first rate - well detailed, and lots of nice touches, like the book under the arm, and the mis-matched pieces of armour.  Flash and mould lines were at a minimum too, so neither miniature required too much clean up work.

The bearded chap is painted in the colours of Ostermark, as a nod to the first Warhammer Fantasy Battle regiment I painted, back when I was about 13!  The yellow is painted using my favourite method, and the metal bits are pretty much the standard way of doing things.  The purple was a little different to how I normally do it - I basecoated the areas with Hormagaunt Purple, washed with Leviathan Purple, then highlighted up adding more and more Astronomican Grey to the purple.  This looked a bit too grey when finished, so I glazed it with Liche Purple and got it much closer to the colour I was aiming for - result!

For old beardy's friend, I went for the colours of Stirland (my second Fantasy Regiment).  The green is a base of Catachan Green, shaded with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted with the base, through Deathworld Forest and then a little Ogryn Camo to finish off.  It's a dull green, and may be a little flat in hindsight, but it works well with the yellow.

...and that's about all I need to say about them - aside from I've got my eye on a few of their other miniatures, so expect to see more Lead Adventure stuff in the future.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. Very nicely done sir. As you say they would go perfect in a Mordhiem warband.

  2. Love the figs, love the paint; nice work all around.

  3. Nice work Andy - any thoughts on names? Maybe Rosencratz and Guildenstern?

  4. Now they look like seriously good fun; great job Andy.

  5. Very nice. Bases a little dark for my taste but can't argue with results. I checked out your yellow recipe too. You may have heard a 'yoink' sound as I stole it ; P

  6. Thanks everyone, I thought you guys would like the miniatures - Lead Adventure really know how to put the character in their characters, and make them fun to paint. :)

    Tamsin - Perfect names for them, thank you! :)

    Minitrol - steal away! I may have to do a MkII of that tutorial using the new paint range