Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mental Health...

Nothing painting related in this post, I'm afraid.  However, it felt important to highlight that today is World Mental Health day.  Sufferers of mental illness often find it difficult to explain to others how it feels, and it can seem that outwardly there's nothing wrong with them.  It's a horrible, crappy set of illnesses that wipes you out and screws with your mind, and it hurts the people around you as well.  It smashes your confidence and self belief and stops you functioning as a regular human being.  

So today, spare a thought for those who are struggling, and if you know someone who is suffering, give them a big grin, or a high five, or a hug and let them know you care.  Remember...


  1. A good reminder for us all to consider one another Andy.

  2. "If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!"


    "Everyone has storms in thier life. The secret is to learn to dance in the rain"

    All the Best Clint

  3. Thanks for a good post on a serious subject, Andy. Well said and well done.
    Hoping you have an awesome day.
    Cheers and blessings,