Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tale of 3 Painters: Waistcoats and Watchers

Evening all.

A quick update tonight - I've been making some good progress, particularly on the Watcher, but first up it's Hoffman's waistcoat:

Same recipe as for the Watcher's body, so nothing exciting there, but he now has his required Guild red, and I've done a little to neaten up the face.  I've also done a little more reading on how to use my camera, so hopefully the pictures are a little sharper.  Next up (this weekend) is the shirt and tie, and then the goggles to finish him off.  The harness is progressing, but I don't have any pictures yet.  It's a little tricky to work with, but soon it will be transferred to a pin vice, so hopefully will get some pictures soon.

So on to the Watcher:

More about the wings in a bit, but first I'll talk about the copper rings and lenses(?).  While our brief was to paint things our own way, there are a few bits that seemed best to keep consistent - one of these was the power source.  Originally I'd gone for a green to compliment the red, but having seen that both the Dark Templar and Mr Awdry Esq. had gone for blue, it made sense to follow suit.  I glazed this with Guilliman Blue Glaze to get a deep blue colour, then used Ultramarine Blue, Ice Blue and Astronomican Grey to create the bright centre.  I deliberately let the blue glaze spread on to the copper to give a little OSL effect.

The face lense was re-base coated with black, then from the bottom upwards I blended in Mournfang Brown, Deathclaw Brown and Iyanden Darksun.  I know it's a bit weird using the old foundation paint as the  final highlight, but it was exactly the colour I was looking for.  I'm really pleased with how it looks and I think the colour works well with the rest of the colour scheme.

...and now the wings:

A mix of old and new for this one, starting with a base coat of my old favourite Khemri Brown.  This was washed with a new favourite, Agrax Earthshade, which worked fantastically well - you'll have seen the results of just that wash in the previous post.  This was highlighted with Khemri Brown, and then mixing in more and more Dheneb Stone, until pure Dheneb Stone was added as a final highlight.  I'm really pleased with the leathery, creepy feel to the wings and I think it works well with the red - in fact I'm much happier with the red now that the wings are completed.  I just have the two brown straps on the tops of the wings to do, then we're on to the base.

As always comments and criticism welcome!

...and please check out the progress of The Dark Templar and Michael Awdry - DT's Guardian and Michael's Hunter are fantastic works of art and I'm seriously having to up my game to keep up with them both!

On the Dark Templar's blog he has a couple of other ways you can contribute to Cancer Research UK, so please help if you can.


  1. These are some difficult figures to paint and you all are doing a fantastic job with them.

  2. Now this is the elite of painting!

  3. Very, very tasty! Great work Sir.

  4. Some truly stunning work there Andy! Congrats.

  5. Thank you very much for the kind comments guys, it's nice to know you all think I'm going in the right direction. :-)

    (You would tell me if I wasn't right?)