Saturday, 11 August 2012

Tale of 3 Painters: All mouth AND trousers...

Fresh from celebrating the great Mo Farahs victory in the 5000m final, now seems a good time to post a couple of WIP shots of my contributions to the Tale of 3 Painters:

First up is the metalwork on the Watcher, a Leadbelcher base coat, shaded with Nuln Oil, and highlighted with Chainmail, and a little Mithril Silver.  This was a little shiny, so I glazed it with some watered down black paint to tone it down a bit.  To more sensibly achieve this effect, my co-conspirators are using Vallejo Matt Medium, which is definitely on my shopping list!  I'm not totally happy with where I am with this yet, so there may be some more work done on the steel, before he (it?) is varnished.

The steam(?) power pack was based with Tin Bitz and shaded with Nuln Oil, then highlighted with Tin Bitz and Dwarf Bronze, with a little Mithril Silver mixed in at the end

On to Hoffman - as you can see the skin is pretty much done now, and I've got the trousers and strapping done on his legs.  I fell back on an old favourite scheme for the trousers - Charadon Granite (there are 3 pots of this stuff left in my local HobbyCraft, I'm resisting the urge to buy it all...) was shaded with Nuln Oil, which I'm growing to like, then highlighted with the Granite and Dheneb Stone.  The leather was based with Dryad Bark (my new love), shaded with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted with Dryad Bark, Snakebite Leather (I can't let go) and Dheneb Stone.  I haven't started the harness yet, that might happen tomorrow.

Flushed with success, Olympic spirit (without the ability or stamina) and copious amounts of tea, I cracked on with the red.  Pictures of Hoffmans waistcoat to come in a future post, I'll concentrate on the Watcher's body here:

Mechrite Red is shaded with Agrax Earthshade (a better fit for red than Devlan Mud in my opinion), then highlighted with the base coat, Blood Red and my latest new paint, Deathclaw Brown.  I added some Dheneb Stone in to edge highlight the scratches, which hopefully are visible from the picture.

You'll notice in this picture the wings are base coated and shaded - that too is for a future post.

As you may be aware I'm the smaller of 3 cogs in this project - follow The Dark Templar's progress here, and Michael's progress here.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!  As we're aiming to make as much money for charity as we can, anything you can suggest to improve things will be warmly received.


  1. That steam pack is outstanding; just off to paint over the metal work I've just done on the Hunter as a result!

  2. Looking fantastic the skin on Hoffman is particularly good. I take it the paints mentioned are from GW's new range?

  3. Thanks all!

    Brummie - Leadbelcher, Dryad Bark, Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Deathclaw Brown are all new paints, the rest are from the previous range.

  4. I'm with Brummie on the face-looks great. The shading you did on the jawline was really nice. And that jetpack is a nice bit of painting as well.

  5. Looking fantastic!
    I see you went with the red armour in the end for the Watcher – awesome. I'm still undecided what colour to paint the Mech Attendant.

  6. Thanks again!

    Does the red armour work? I'm not convinced yet, but I'll wait 'til I've done the lenses and see how that goes. Next update in a couple of days. :-)

  7. Great work! The guys britches and the boiler look excellent. How much work did you put into the guys face from your last post?

    1. Thank you Vlad!

      I have no idea how long I've taken on the face so far, maybe an hour or two actual painting time?

      I really should time these things one day...