Sunday, 4 March 2012

Praying Knight WIP

...and we're back!  The next article for the Ancible is done, so I've got some time to do my own stuff.  These are a couple of WIP shots of a praying knight from Reaper, a nice little sculpt I wanted to practice some metalwork on.  A lot of my miniatures are on the dull/dark side, so I wanted to do something a bit brighter this time. 

With this in mind I wanted the armour to look polished:

  • Base coat:  Boltgun Metal
  • Shade:  A good wash of Badab Black
  • H1:  Boltgun Metal
  • H2:  Chainmail
  • H3:  Mithril Silver
  • H4:  A 1:1 mix of Mithril Silver and White added as a very small edge and point highlight
Nothing ground breaking, but I'm practicing the blending here, which is going quite well.  There are a couple of bits that need work (the visible foot and the sword blade), but other than that I'm pleased with the results.

The gold is equally as straightforward:

  • Base Coat:  Tin Bitz
  • Shade:  Devlan Mud
  • H1:  Tin Bitz
  • H2:  1:1 mix of Tin Bitz and Burnished Gold
  • H3:  Burnished Gold
  • H4:  1:1 mix of Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver
The gold is not that bright, but it looks old and works well with the bright steel of the armour.  Next up is the green and yellow tabard and details, and a grey scabbard.

In other news, the Breviks made a trip to Dartmoor to recharge the batteries, including a visit to Princetown, home of Dartmoor prison and where Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle wrote Hound of the Baskervilles.  Also some walking on the moor:

Some inspiration for basing and terrain - I've bought some Woodlands Scenics "realistic water", so will be trying that out at some point.  :-)

More soon!


  1. Ah Dartmoor. Very close to my home area. I must have spent a lot of hours up there walking with the family when I was younger. It's something I miss for sure.

    I really like the bright tones on the knight. It's fun to branch out and do something different. I love the well worn gold look as well.


  2. I felt very much at peace there, I'm a rural lad anyway, but the wildness of it all was fantastic. I'll put some more pictures up at some point.